Administrative Process


AP1005 Emeritus Status
AP1006 Presidential Award for Meritorious Service
AP1010 Board of Trustees – Goals & Outcomes
AP1015 Staff Participation in Political Activities
AP1020 Naming Opportunities


AP2000 Administration Organization
AP2070 Reasonable Accommodation and Return to Work
AP2100 Membership in Organizations
AP2310 Standing Committees
AP2320 Vocational/Technical Program Advisory Committees
AP2400 Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse


AP3001 Shared Leave
AP3002 Attendance Incentive Program
AP3003 Professional Leaves – Administrators
AP3004 Domestic Violence Leave
AP3005 Family Medical & Leave
AP3011 Administrative and Exempt Leaves
AP3014 Selection of Personnel
AP3015 Annual Performance Appraisal
AP3019 Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention
AP3025 Retirement Medical Expense Plan (VEBA) for Qualified BBCC Employees
AP3100 Orientation for New Employees
AP3200 Training & Development
AP3300 Personnel Record System & Retention


AP4001 Layoff Procedure for Classified Staff
AP4050 Remote Work & Teleworking
AP4100 Classified Work Schedules
AP4125 Transfer/Lateral Movement/Voluntary Demotion Procedure for Classified Employees
AP4130 Suspended Operation Policy for Big Bend Community College
AP4150 Classified Leaves
AP4200 Grievance Procedure for Non-Represented Classified and Admin/Exempt Employees
AP4300 Supplemental Title IX Employee Hearing Procedure
AP4500 Salary Determination Procedures for Non-Represented Classified Employees
AP4602 Unused Sick Leave Compensation
AP4700 Salary Schedule for Hourly Non-Student Employees
AP 4705 Flight Interns Pay Scale For Non-Tenurable Positions
AP 4800 ITPS Procedure


AP5401 Certification Criteria for Prof/Tech Math Instructors
AP5500 Professional Leaves


AP6100 Tuition and Fees
AP6100.5 Lab Fee Schedule
AP6101 Tuition and Fee Waivers
AP6103 Ungraded Courses
AP6104 Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver–Regular Classes
AP6105 Space Available Tuition and Fee Waiver for State Employees and Members of the WA National Guard
AP6106 Admission
AP6107 Student Records
AP6108 Standards of Progress
AP6109 Flight Hours – Requests for Extension
AP6110 College Tuition and Fees–Refund Policy
AP6111 Course Repeat Policy
AP6112 Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
AP6113 Title IX Grievance Procedures
AP6115 Grievance Procedure Discrimination & Harassment
AP6116 Military Transfer Credit
AP6120 Hazing Prevention
AP6200 Services and Activities Fee Budgeting Policy
AP6700 Student Salary Schedule


AP7100 Children on Campus
AP7300 Summer Curriculum Development Stipends
AP7400 Instructional Materials
AP7700 General Safety Guidelines
AP7701 Security
AP7702 Emergency Management
AP7703 Law Enforcement Unit Records
AP7704 Emergency Notification & Warning Plan
AP7705 Workplace Anti-Violence
AP7706 Security Surveillance Cameras
AP7707 Notification of Sex Offenders Attending BBCC
AP7710 Campus Safety, Security and Crime Reporting Policy (Clery Act)
AP7715 Fire Drills
AP7716 Hazardous Substance Communication
AP7717 Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal


AP8001 Smoking/Tobacco Policy
AP8020 Solicitation of Funds
AP8021 Gifts, Grants, and Donations
AP8022 Incident Reporting for Federal Grants
AP8030 Surplus Property
AP8040 Check Cashing Policy
AP8045 Credit Card Security
AP8049 BBCC Posting Policy
AP8050 Rental of College Audio-Visual Equipment to Non-College Users
AP8051 Big Bend Community College Facility Use Policy
AP8052 Use of College Equipment for Professional Development Work
AP8053 BBCC Technology Use Policy & Procedures
AP8054 Ethical Conduct
AP8055 Athletic Concession Stand Operations
AP8056 Business Competition Policy
AP8057 Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) & Women Business Enterprises (WBE) Policy
AP8058 Big Bend Community College Travel Procedures
AP8059 Cellular Telephone Use Policy
AP8060 Records Management
AP8061 Personally Owned Equipment on College Premises
AP8065 Printing Policy
AP8070 Presentation of Diplomas
AP8100 Grants and Contracts
AP8200 BBCC Investment Policy
AP8300 Identity Theft Prevention Program
AP8350 Service Animals on Campus
AP8400 Animals on Campus
AP8903 Motor Pool
AP8904 Student E-mail Use Policy

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