Mission: To actively and visibly support the mission of Big Bend Community College.

The Big Bend Community College Foundation is the fundraising arm of BBCC — the only institution of higher education in a 4,600-square-mile service district. The Foundation is a nonprofit corporation 501(c)3 existing since 1972. It is governed by a volunteer board of directors.

Limits on state funding and growing enrollment threaten the quality of education offered by comprehensive community colleges like BBCC. To ensure growth and quality, private financial investment in the college through the BBCC Foundation is essential. The Foundation raises funds for scholarships, facilities, equipment, and staff development.

About the Foundation
  • Foundation policy is set by a board of directors, which meets quarterly.
  • The Foundation has four standing committees — Finance, Property, and Personnel, Scholarships, Special Events, and Trusteeship.
  • In 1998 the Foundation began an initiative to establish a database of BBCC alumni and began mailing the BBCC Alumni News in 1999. Alumni are now included in fundraising campaigns.
  • The Foundation publishes an Annual Report, a booklet “Gaining Through Giving,” and brochures and materials for capital campaigns.
  • The Foundation is the U.S. sponsor of the Japanese Agriculture Training Program, an arrangement that has existed since 1965.
Foundation Board Members
Foundation Board member, Jacob Barth

Barth, Jacob

Moses Lake

Logo of Big Bend Thor

Caballero-Roylance, Veronica

Moses Lake

Foundation Board member, Gary Chandler

Chandler, Gary

Moses Lake

Foundation Board member, Angie Clark

Clark, Angie

Moses Lake

Foundation Board member, Katherine Swinger Franz

Franz Swinger, Katherine


Foundation Board member, Erika Hennings

Hennings, Erika


Logo of Big Bend Thor

Iverson, Jeremy 


Foundation Board member, Paul Koethka

Koethke, Paul

Moses Lake

Logo of Big Bend Thor

Lacher, Candy

Moses Lake

Foundation Board member, Jon Lane

Lane, Jon

Moses Lake

Foundation Board member, Vickey Melcher

Melcher, Vickey


Logo of Big Bend Thor

Milbrandt, Butch


Logo of Big Bend Thor
Milbrandt, Don

Moses Lake

Foundation Board member, Jerry Moberg

Moberg, Jerry


Foundation Board member, Judy Oakes

Oakes, Judy

Moses Lake, Chair

Foundation Board member, Patti Paris

Paris, Patti 

Moses Lake

LeAnne Parton

Parton, LeAnne 

Moses Lake

Foundation Board member, Juanita Richards

Richards, Juanita 

Moses Lake

Foundation Board member, Linda Schoonmaker

Schoonmaker, Linda 

Moses Lake

Sara Thompson

Thompson-Tweedy, Sara

Moses Lake

Foundation Contact
Foundation Staff
LeAnne Parton

Parton, LeAnne

Foundation Executive Director
(509) 793-2004
Alumni & Development, Chandra Rodriguez

Rodriguez, Chandra

Foundation Assistant Director
(509) 793-2006
Foundation program specialist, Jennifer Starr

Starr, Jennifer

BBCC Foundation Program Specialist
(509) 793-2005
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