BBCC cares about its students’ academic, emotional and physical success. The Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation Team, or CARE Team, was created to address and support individuals in distress or whose behaviors raise concerns about their well-being or that of others. The CARE team provides support to students, staff, and faculty by assessing, responding, evaluating, and monitoring reports about individuals who exhibit concerning behavior and connects those individuals with appropriate resources.

How do you make a referral to the CARE Team?

Complete the CARE Team Online Referral Form

A member of the CARE Team will review this information Monday-Friday within 24 business hours.

This form is not for emergency situations.

Cases that present an immediate threat to self, others, or property should be considered an emergency and need to be directed to Emergency Services by calling 911.

Members of the Team:

Accommodation & Accessibility Services
Campus Safety
Counseling Services
Student Housing
Student Programs
Student Support Services
Title IX

Learn more about the CARE Team and the reporting process by watching this short video:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are “individuals of concern”?

An individual of concern is any individual who demonstrates disruptive behavior, personal difficulties, mental and/or emotional instability, or otherwise causes another member of the campus community to feel distressed.

How does it work?

Individuals of concern are reported to the CARE Team, whose goal is to develop a holistic intervention strategy and action plan designed to specifically address their unique needs.

Why submit a report?

The CARE Team can provide additional resources and individualized help to those who are experiencing difficulties. This support is beneficial to both the individual and the campus community. All referral information is confidential.

What happens next?

The following timeline explains the steps that will occur when a case is opened. Typically, a case is closed within a month of it being opened. However, cases are assessed upon submission and may be fast-tracked to action based on type and student need. The process is documented and managed by the CARE team.

A case is opened when a person files a report through Maxient Incident Report or by verbal communications, email communications, etc.

CARE Team meeting

  •  Case is discussed.
  • NaBITA Risk Assessment is completed.
  • SIVRA-35 is completed as needed.
  • Case manager from the CARE team is assigned.


  • Case manager will communicate with the case reporter to clarify information and thank them for the report.


  • Conversation with student.
  • Develop a plan with the student.
  • Use other campus and community resources as needed.
  • Student may be referred to student conduct.

Assess progress

  • A report will be made at the weekly CARE Team meetings.

Case closed

  • The case will be closed if the student is back on track.

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