Student Clubs and Communities

The mission of the BBCC Student Clubs and Communities is to complement the college’s academic programs and enhance the overall educational experiences of students through the development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, multicultural, intellectual, recreational, community service, and campus leadership programs.

Campus Clubs and Communities provide environments in which students and student organizations are afforded opportunities and are offered assistance to:

Participate in co-curricular activities
Develop healthy interpersonal relationships and use leisure time productively
Explore activities in individual and group settings for self-understanding and growth
Learn about varied cultures and experiences; ideas and issues; art and musical forums; and styles of life
BBCC has a variety of Clubs and Communities available, this is the time to get involved! If you don’t see one that strikes your interest, talk to us about starting something new!

What is a Club and Community?

These groups can …CLUBSCOMMUNITIES
Use BBCC facilitiesXX
Use BBCC name & logosXX
Post flyers/adverts on campusXX
Hold events on campusXX
Travel as a BBCC organizationX 
Raise fundsX 
Apply for S&A fundingX 

If your group is looking for a space to meet up on a casual basis, with no need or intention of utilizing the benefits of a club, setting up a community may work best for you. Please review the 2019-20 Club & Community Handbook to find more details on the differences between Clubs and Communities. 

View all upcoming BBCC club events 2020 Winter Club Events Calendar

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