English as a Second Language (ESL)

Beginning and intermediate English language skills for adults whose first language is not English. 

High School Plus Diploma (HS+)

Adults age 18+ without a high school diploma can take classes and earn a BBCC high school diploma

Open Doors Program (ODP)

Young adults, ages 16-21, who want an opportunity to earn a high school diploma in a college environment.

General Education Diploma (GED) Preparation

Adults age 18+ without a high school diploma can take classes and prepare for the GED exam series.

Additional Services

  • High School Equivalency (HEP) Program – provides additional support and resources to migrant and seasonal farmworkers (spouse and dependents included) enrolled in HS+ and GED completion programs.
  • Workforce Education Services –  provides guidance, support, and financial assistance for students in basic education and workforce education programs (non-transfer degrees)
  • William C. Bonaudi Library – located in the Advanced Technology Education Center (ATEC), Building 1800
  • English Writing Center – provides both BEdA and college-level students assistance with writing projects (located in the Library)
  • Career Services – assists current, prospective and former students with exploring off-campus employment opportunities

Questions? Call us at (509) 793-2304 (English or Spanish) or email 

Remember to always leave us a contact number so we can return your call promptly! 


Basic Education for Adults (BEdA) Contact

Our staff speaks Spanish, Russian, Ukranian and English

BEdA Faculty/Staff
Carmen Ramirez headshot

Ramirez, Carmen

HEP Educational Planner
Heimark, Jeffrey

Heimark, Jeffrey

BEdA Associate Faculty
Logo of Big Bend Thor

Corrales, Prisma

BEdA Associate Faculty
Jody Bortz headshot

Bortz, Jody

BEdA Director
(509) 793-2331
Tessa Swensen headshot

Swensen, Tessa

BEdA Associate Faculty
Logo of Big Bend Thor

Franco, Olga

BEdA Educational Planner
Diana Viafana

Villafana, Diana

HEP Grant Manager
(509) 793-2401
Nadine Szablya headshot

Szablya, Nadine

BEdA Associate Faculty
Logo of Big Bend Thor

Mar-Nicholson, Alec

BEdA Faculty
Barbi Johnson headshot

Johnson, Barbi

BEdA Administrative Assistant
(509) 793-2301
Logo of Big Bend Thor

Jensen, Lachelle

BEdA Associate Faculty
Rosemary Parsons

Parsons, Rosemary

BEdA Faculty
(509) 793-2304
Logo of Big Bend Thor

Reichel-Elliot, Nicole

BEdA Associate Faculty
Caren Courtright headshot

Couright, Caren

BEdA Program Coordinator
(509) 793-2037
Logo of Big Bend Thor

Nicholson, Enedelia

BEdA Associate Faculty
Dourte Melinda

Dourte, Melinda

Executive Assistant to the President, BEdA Associate Faculty
(509) 793-2001
Logo of Big Bend Thor

Wall, Matthew

BEdA Associate Faculty
ammon milligan

Milligan, Ammon

Director of Residence Halls And Residential Life/BEdA Associate Faculty
Michael Da Ponte

Da Ponte, Michael

BEdA Site Coordinator
Logo of Big Bend Thor

Perry, Mystina

BEdA Associate Faculty

Barrios, Mildred

BEdA Site Coordinator
Logo of Big Bend Thor

Pinckard, Devin

BEdA Associate Faculty
Logo of Big Bend Thor

Lopez, Miguel

BEdA Associate Faculty
Logo of Big Bend Thor

Roylance, Matthew

BEdA Associate Faculty

Aquino, Ana

BEdA Program Assistant
Logo of Big Bend Thor

Trujillo, Jorge

BEdA Associate Faculty
Mariia Antoshkina headshot

Antoshkina, Mariia

BEdA Program Assistant

Alva, Karla

BEdA/WES Program Assistant

Hopkins, Theo

BEdA Site Coordinator
Abinadi Milligan headshot

Milligan, Abinadi

BEdA Education Planner
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