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Campus Safety: environmental safety, security, emergency management
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Security call (509) 793-2286

 All Calls to 911 must also be reported to Campus Safety

The BBCC Campus Safety Department attempts to provide a safe and inclusive community where students, faculty, staff, and visitors may experience a sense of security and belonging.

Security is not available 24/7. 

What We Do

Campus Safety is in charge of five program areas:

  1. Campus Security,
  2. Emergency Management,
  3. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS),
  4. Management of on-campus hazardous waste, and
  5. Clery Act compliance.

Crime Reporting on Campus

To help maintain a safe and secure campus environment all crimes should be reported as soon as possible to BBCC Campus Safety or to the appropriate local law enforcement agency. Campus Safety Officers investigate all criminal activity or any actions which impact an individual’s ability to work or study at BBCC. Criminal incidents will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency and violations of the Student Code of Conduct will be provided to the BBCC Student Conduct Officer for further action.

To Report a Crime

For emergencies, life-threatening situations, or crimes in progress, call 9-1-1.

Non-emergency assistance and information is available on campus by calling Campus Safety at (509) 793-2286.

Safety on Campus

BBCC is an open campus, so anyone can access the grounds and facilities. Please, guard your personal belongings, wallets, backpacks, laptops, cell phones, and handbags on campus. Report suspicious people right away.

We encourage students to lock away their valuables in a secure location such as their vehicle’s trunk or residence hall room. 

For Residence Halls, we strongly encourage students to lock their rooms behind them, to never prop open exterior doors, and to make sure they always carry their keys and ID with them so they can get back in.

Tips to help you develop a personal safety plan:

  • Carry a cell phone and know where you can and can’t get cell service on campus
  • Remain alert
  • Vary your route
  • Walk with a friend
  • Stay in well-lit areas
  • Take advantage of Safety Escorts

Vehicle Issues

Campus Safety provides limited support for those who may need assistance with a vehicle jumpstart. If you’re locked out of your car or have a flat tire, you will need to contact a locksmith or tow service for assistance.

Safety Escort

Safety Escorts are available to all students, faculty, and staff members who would like to be escorted to and from on-campus places. Call (509) 793-2286 to request an escort.

Lost and Found

The Business Office in the 1400 Administration Building manages on-campus lost and found. Please call (509) 793-2222.

Support for victims that have obtained Restraining Orders, Orders of Protection, No Contact Orders and Anti-Harassment Orders

Campus Safety Officers can help support you based on your situation.

Clery Act – Crime Statistics

Safety on the Big Bend Community College campus is a concern for students, parents and college employees. Education – the business of the College – can only take place in an environment in which each student and staff member feels sage. The College administration recognizes this and has made security a top priority.

In compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1998, the college reports the mandated information about current campus policies concerning safety and security issues concerning safety, security and emergency preparedness issues, as well as the required crime statistics. You can view the Annual Security Report detailing current campus policies concerning safety, security and emergency preparedness issues, as well as the required crime statistics.

Campus Safety Contact
Campus Safety Staff
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Loera, Juan

Director of Campus Safety
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Campus Safety
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Weeda, Trevor

Campus Safety Officer
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Hamblen, Jessica

Campus Safety Officer
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