What is Starfish?

Starfish is a new software tool for Big Bend to improve how we interact with students in a number of areas in and out of the classroom. Starfish is a collaborative effort designed to enhance student success at BBCC.

Our goals around the use of this tool include:

  • Increasing Retention
  • Increasing Completion
  • Closing the Achievement Gap

What does it do?

  • Flags – faculty/staff who have concerns about a student’s class performance can raise a flag
  • Kudos – are used to acknowledge the positive progress and achievements of students
  • Progress Surveys – enable instructors to provide feedback for several students at once at key points in the quarter with each survey being a collection of tracking items (Flags, Kudos, To-Do’s, and Referrals).


  • Online scheduling
  • Shared advising notes
  • Student Success Plans

How do I sign up?

There is actually no sign up process for becoming a Starfish user. All students are opted in and all faculty and staff providing direct student services are automatically enrolled.  Starfish uses your existing BBCC credentials (username and password).  However, you will need to login and ensure you’re receiving your desired Starfish notifications at your preferred email and/or phone if you choose text notifications. 

You can also access Starfish directly from Canvas.  A link is displayed in your dashboard or in your courses on the left-side menu.

Starfish Contact
Starfish Staff
Jennifer Brathovde

Brathovde, Jenn

Director of Advising & Retention
(509) 793-2205
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