Running Start

What is Running Start?

Running Start allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to enroll tuition-free in college-level courses as part of their high school program of study. Books, supplies, lab fees, and transportation are the responsibility of the student. Students are responsible to pay for any college courses numbered below 100. 

  1. To be admitted to BBCC as a Running Start student, students must be registered as a junior or senior in a Washington state public school, under 21 years of age, and place into a college-level English or college-level mathematics course. (College-level classes are numbered 100 and above.)
  2. Students who will take only professional/technical courses, such as welding, industrial systems technology, etc., may qualify by placement into the required English and mathematics for that program.
  3. Homeschooled students and students attending private schools must be evaluated at the junior or senior level by a public high school official and enroll at that school.
  4. Students who have passed the GED and who do not have a high school diploma may enroll through their high school and be eligible for the Running Start program until the age of 21.

Attend or View a Running Start Session

2024 Running Start Information Session Video


  • Learn more about the program and how students can qualify
  • Understand the application process
  • Get your questions answered


*All sessions are scheduled for 6 p.m., please view the 2024 Running Start Information Video prior to attending. 

  • Tuesday, February 13
  • Tuesday, March 12
  • Tuesday, April 9
  • Tuesday, May 7


English Session Link

Spanish Session Link 

How to Establish College Level Placement and Qualify

  • Placement into college level English or Math, see placement options placement options.

Meet with your High School Counselor

  • We encourage prospective Running Start Students to meet with their high school counselor regarding participation in the program. Counselors can help students decide if the program is a good fit and will be able to determine what classes a student will need to enroll in at BBCC to complete their high school graduation requirements.

High School vs College: What to expect

Summer Running Start Information

I am a new Running Start Student

Summer 2024 all incoming juniors and seniors, new to the Running Start program, are eligible to enroll in a maximum of 10 college-level credits summer quarter.  Summer quarter classes begin on July 1st and end on August 9th.  Summer quarter is condensed into 6 weeks (fall, winter, and spring quarters are 12 weeks)

To qualify and enroll in summer classes, students must meet the deadlines below and attend New Student Enrollment (NSE) on June 6th.

June 6th NSE Deadlines

  • May 19th BBCC Admissions Application submitted
  • May 30th (complete by)
    • Activate ctcLink Account
    • Submit documents for math & English placement
    • Complete online Viking Orientation
    • Sign up for June 6th New Student Enrollment session
  • June 6th Summer Running Start Verification form due
  • June 13th balance for class fees due

Considering Summer Quarter Running Start?

Yes or No:   Am I available July 1st – August 9th? Summer quarter is condensed into 6 weeks (fall, winter, and spring quarters are 12 weeks, so students are expected to complete the same amount of course work in ½ the amount of time).

Yes or No:   Do I have a reliable computer and internet connection? (most summer classes are offered online)

Yes or No:   Do I have time to commit to classes? Example: 1 class + study time = 24 hours per week, 2 classes + study time = 48 hours per week.

I am a current Running Start Student

As a current Running Start student, you may be eligible to enroll in a maximum of 10 college-level credits.  Summer quarter is condensed into 6 weeks (students will be expected to complete the same amount of course work in ½ the amount of time).

Important: The number of credits you are eligible to take must be calculated and confirmed by your high school before Running Start can pay for your summer quarter classes.

  • Enrollment for summer & fall quarters begins on May 20th
  • Return your Summer Quarter Running Start Enrollment Verification Form to BBCC by June 6th (NOTE: this form is different from the RSEVF form used for fall, winter, and spring).
  • Class fees are due June 13th. Summer quarter classes begin July 1st and end August 9th.

I am a graduating Running Start senior and have 15 credits or less remaining to complete my degree at BBCC

As a current Running Start senior, you are eligible to enroll in summer quarter classes if you have 15 credits or less remaining to complete your college degree.  Summer quarter is condensed into 6 weeks (students will be expected to complete the same amount of course work in ½ the amount of time).

  • Meet with a BBCC advisor to review your Academic Advisement Report, verify your remaining credits, and discuss your options.
  • Enrollment for summer and fall quarters begins May 20th.
  • To have your tuition for summer covered by Running Start, return the Declaration of Intent form to BBCC by June 6th (NOTE: this form is different than the RSEVF).
  • Summer quarter class fees are due by June 13th. Summer quarter classes begin July 1st and end August 9th.
  • Students completing a degree at the end of summer quarter can participate in the BBCC graduation ceremony on Friday, June 14th, if their graduation application is received by the April 19th due date.
Follow these steps to get started at Big Bend.


  • Welcome to Big Bend Community College!
  1. Click HERE and Apply as a Running Start student
  2. Applicants will receive a welcome email once their application has been processed and they have been accepted to BBCC. This message will be sent to the email used to apply. Sometimes communications go to junk, be sure to check your inbox and junk mail frequently if you are expecting a communication from the college.
  3. Questions? Contact Admissions (509) 793-2089,, or visit in person at the 1400 bldg.


  • Once a student has been admitted, they will receive a welcome email, with next steps. Please follow the directions to activate your ctcLink Student Account, this is an important step for new students. 


4. Online Viking Orientation

  • All new students are required to complete an Online Viking Orientation and it must be completed before you attend New Student Registration. The online orientation is a resource for you to refer to anytime.

5. Attend New Student Enrollment

  • At your New Student Enrollment session, an advisor will help you understand your placement results, find essential resources on the BBCC website, and help you enroll in your first quarter classes.  Note: At the end of the Viking Orientation, you will sign up for a New Student Enrollment session. Follow the directions provided for you in the online orientation. The link to sign up for this event is found in the Online Viking Orientation.

6. Running Start Enrollment Verification Form

  • Each quarter students must submit a Running Start Verification Form to BBCC to get their tuition paid, failure to submit this form before the tuition due date will result in a student being dropped from their courses.
  1. Verification Forms can be submitted via email, or in person at the Student Services Desk in the 1400 bldg.
  2. All signatures (high school counselor, parent/guardian, and student) must be on the form. BBCC will accept your typed name in the signature space if you are unable to sign the document. BBCC staff will provide the College Running Start Advisor/Representative signature when the form in received in our office.
  3. 2023-2024 Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (RSEVF)
  4. Important Dates & Deadlines.

7. Pay Additional Tuition and/or Fees

  • Each quarter, Running Start students will be responsible to pay tuition costs above their approved number of college-level credits, tuition costs for any courses below college-level (below 100-level), and/or course fees, and associated student fees. This must be paid by the tuition due date or students’ risk being dropped from their courses, Check Here for Dates and Deadlines!
  • Save your Spot! Pay tuition through the ctcLink Student Home page, in person, or by phone at the Business Office, 1400 bldg, (509) 793-2018,
  • Students can also set up a STEPP Payment Plan if needed. Stop by the Business Office or call (509) 793-2018 to get started.
Admissions Processing Timeline 2024-2025
Application Opens & Processing Begins
Admissions Application Deadline to Apply
Last Day to Sign up for New Student Enrollment
Running Start Enrollment  Verification Forms Due 
Begins July 1
April 1 May 19 May 30 June 6
Fall 2024
Sept. 23 
Nov. 1 July 28 Aug. 8 Sept.5
Winter 2025
Begins Jan. 2
Sept. 1  TBD TBD Dec. 12
Spring 2025
March 31
Dec. 1 TBD TBD March 6

Dates subject to change without notice

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