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What does it all mean?!

Feeling puzzled by all the college acronyms? We get it! The world of higher education is filled with a language of its own. Here is a list of common acronyms you might see at Big Bend Community College.

A&AS = Accommodation and Accessibility Services 

AA&S DTA = Associate in Arts & Sciences Direct Transfer Agreement

AAS = Associate of Applied Science Degree

AAS-T = Associate of Applied Science – Transfer Degree

AMT = Aviation Maintenance Technology 

AS-T = Associate in Science – Transfer Degree

ATEC = Advanced Technologies Education Center (1800 building)

BAS = Bachelor of Applied Science

BAS-AM = Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management

BBT = Big Bend Technology

BEdA = Basic Adult Education for Adults

CDL = Commercial Driver’s License 

CEID = Committee for Equity Inclusion and Diversity 

CLEP = College-Level Examination Program

CTE = Career and Technical Education 

DSHS = Department of Social and Health Services

EMPLID = Student ID/ctcLink ID

FAFSA = Free Application for Federal Student Aid

HEP = High School Equivalency Program 

HR = Human Resources

JATP = Japanese Agriculture Training Program 

MCO = Master Course Outline

MRP = Major Related Program

NSE = New Student Enrollment 

RAVE = campus alerts

SASS = Student Administrative Support Services 

SSS = Student Support Services

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math  

USDE = United States Department of Education 

WASFA = Washington Application for State Financial Aid

WEC = Workforce Education Center (3700 building)

WES = Workforce Education Services

Unsure about the meaning of something? We’re here to help you understand it better!  Text 509.855.4671 with your questions!

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