The Tutoring program recognizes the need for tutorial help regardless of the grade a student is receiving at the present time and is designed to help students to achieve their goals and college success. It is primarily geared toward students who are seeking help with coursework outside the subject areas covered by the STEM Center. 

The tutors do not teach – they help, guide, and encourage. Tutoring sessions are designed to assist students with studying a particular subject, and/or a specific course.

We do not offer tutoring services in areas already covered by eTutoring.


  • Will not do homework for you
  • Will not assist with quizzes, tests, or any other assessments
  • Will not negotiate with instructors or advocate for you
How do I request a tutor?
  1. Contact the program coordinator, Aaron Glenn, at aas@bigbend.edu. Please state which course(s) you need help with. Expect a response within a couple of days.

A tutor is not guaranteed. In the case of some subjects, a suitable tutor may not be available.

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