Transfer Resources

Big Bend Community College is a great place to earn credits toward your bachelor’s degree. Transferring can be a smooth process, but planning is important. We are here to help you reach your educational and career goals!

Below is information to help guide you through the transfer process.

Steps to transfer

1. Choose a BBCC degree

Meet with your advisor to develop an educational plan

Decide on BBCC degree that best fits your degree and career plans

Complete as many foundation and pre-requisite courses as possible within your BBCC degree

If you are undecided about a degree or career choice, make an appointment with a BBCC counselor (offices located in the 1400 building)

Visit the Career Services Center (located in the library)

2. Explore college and university options

Research colleges and universities that offer the degree you are interested in (see list of colleges/universities below)

Understand admission requirements, recommended and required coursework, time to complete, and career prospects for a bachelors degree

Consider visiting a college/university campus (i.e. Visit CWU or Visit EWU)

You can also continue your education right here at Big Bend with the BAS-AM program.

3. Organize Important Dates and Documents

Many colleges and universities have the same due date for admission, financial aid, and scholarship applications. Some majors require an additional application when applying to the department/program. It is important to contact the program you are interested in well in advance, plan ahead, and submit all your documents on time. Make note of the deadlines for the categories below:

  1. Financial Aid — Apply for FAFSA or WASFA, they open on October 1st! Make sure to select any college/university you are considering when you submit your FAFSA or WASFA.
  2. College/University Admissions — pay attention to admission application due dates for freshman vs. transfer students!
    • Submit your ACT/SAT scores (if applicable)
    • Submit your BBCC official transcript to the college/university you are applying to — Request your BBCC transcript here!
    • Submit your official high school transcript
  3. Majors/Department — determine if a separate program application is required and submit by priority due date
  4. Apply for scholarships
  5. Apply for campus housing

4. Additional Information

Personal Statement Tip
Schedule time to use the Writing Center when working on your personal statement

Foreign Language
When transferring to a 4-year college/university it is important to confirm the foreign language requirement for admission and/or graduation. For example, the University of Washington requires 2 years of high school (single language) or 2 quarters of college (single language) as an admission requirement. Some 4-year college/university majors require 2 years of high school (single language) or 3 quarters of college (single language) as a graduation requirement.

Washington Public:

Common Private & Out-of-State Public:

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