Foundation Scholarships

Foundation Scholarships

BBCC Foundation scholarships are open to current and future students in all areas of study. Home to over 120 scholarships for Big Bend students, our online application allows users to apply to all the scholarship opportunities at Big Bend with a single application.

The scholarship application typically opens during the Fall quarter and closes towards the end of the Winter quarter. Additionally, we offer a small summer cycle which opens during the summer and closes in mid-August. Summer cycle scholarships have specific criteria (program-related/first-time applicant) so be sure to check the scholarship details found on the application.

How to Apply

Create an account online at and complete each of the five sections – general information, qualifying questions, short-answer essays, transcript(s) upload, and feedback. Applicants will need to complete the questions in each of the sections to submit their application. Once your application is complete, be sure to click the “Submit Application” button and AwardSpring will automatically apply you to the scholarships you qualify for based on your answers to the questions.

Detailed instructions can be found throughout the application. Read those instructions carefully. Some scholarships will require additional information. We highly encourage you to complete those extra steps to increase your chances of an award. Incomplete applications will not be considered for scholarships.

Important Information

  • After the application deadline, the review process begins which is then followed by the award and acceptance process.
  • Students are typically notified around the end of the spring quarter; however, dates will vary as they are subject to both the review and award process and the scholarship cycles.
  • Notifications will be made via the email address listed on your scholarship application in AwardSpring so be sure to use the email you will check and update the Foundation of any changes.
  • After you are notified, there will be follow-up requirements to complete the acceptance process. Students will only be notified if they have received a scholarship. 
  • The current scholarship application is always for the next upcoming academic year
  • The Financial Aid office disburses the awards as part of your financial aid package at the beginning of the Fall quarter.
  • Awards $800 or less will be disbursed in the Fall. Awards over $800 are evenly disbursed over fall, winter, and spring quarters (e.g. if you receive a $1,500 scholarship you will receive $500 per quarter).

The Big Bend Foundation offers scholarship application and essay assistance via drop-in workshops and appointments. Additionally, you can request essay help from TRiO or the campus Writing Center. If you have any questions about the scholarship application or would like more information, please contact Jennifer Starr at (509) 793-2005 or

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