Placement Options

This is the Placement Options page, here you can explore the variety of ways students can establish their college math and English placement.

1. High School Transcript or Grade Report

See how grades are evaluated:

  1. English Placement Chart
  2. Math Placement Chart

2. Standardized Tests

Smarter Balance Assessment (SBAC)

  1. Submit an official copy of your SBAC test scores by completing the Placement Evaluation Request.
  2. Click here to see how your SBAC scores translate at BBCC.

3. PSAT,SAT,ACT,CLEP and AP/IB/Cambridge test scores

4. Other Placement Options

Guided Placement for English

  • Guided Placement for English is an online assessment activity to help inform the student’s best placement into English courses. Students will need to have access to a computer, the internet, and a place to work undisturbed for two hours. This assessment can be completed at home or students can come to campus to use the BBCC Library computers.
  • What to Expect: Students will receive video instructions to read a short article and write a short essay in response. At completion of the assessment, meet with an English Placement Specialist at the scheduled time to determine English course placement.
    1. Fill out the Placement Evaluation Request form to see if you need the Guided English Placement. If you need Guided English Placement, you will receive an email from the BBCC Testing Center with a link to the assessment.
    2. Take the assessment. Read the provided article, read the prompt, and then write the best essay that you can.
    3. Schedule a 15 minute block to meet with an English Placement Specialist by completing the online form sent to you after you complete the assessment.
    1. Discuss your completed assessment essay with the English Placement Specialist at the scheduled time to determine the best English course placement for you.
  • *New students may challenge the English placement they received with their high school grades or GPA by scheduling a Guided Placement for English appointment. 

BBCC Accuplacer Test (math placement)

  1. The BBCC Accuplacer test is for students intending to enroll in math or a course that requires a math prerequisite and are not able to report high school grades or scores and do not have any previous college experience.
  2. New students may challenge the Math placement they received with their high school grades by taking the BBCC Accuplacer Test
  3. Note: If you have graduated in the past 2 years or are trying to qualify for Running Start, your high school transcript must be evaluated first. Please upload when filling out the Placement Evaluation Request.
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