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Welcome to the STEM Center 

1200 Building (Campus Map)

STEM Center Study Hours

Monday through Thursday – 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. 
Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 
Closed on Saturday 
Sunday – 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math STEM Center offers a variety of tutoring and instructional support services for many courses. These include drop-in and group tutoring as well as support from both part-time (adjuncts) and full-time (faculty) instructors. We encourage you to read and learn about our types of tutoring and support services to make the best of your experience when in the STEM Center. 

Learn more about STEM Center services.

Students may use all spaces and technology during STEM Center Study Hours, collaborate or relax between study sessions. Tutors are not available for all subjects all day.  

Drop-in Tutoring is typically available for most subjects throughout the week.  Please check with Sarah Adams to learn about specific subject times.  This service is paid for by student fees and other administrative support. Not showing up for help is like throwing away your money! So please, come in and take advantage of the remodeled space and services.

Last but not least, the STEM Center hosts a variety of Supplemental Instruction (SI) Sessions. These sessions are part of practice to facilitate group collaboration and learning. An SI leader is typically a student that previously excelled in the course, is instructor recommended, sits in on lecture/lab and then provides learning sessions dedicated to your course content. These sessions are funded mainly by grants (Title V and Title-III Part F), which are the Big Bend Student Success Center and STEM Center development grants.

You may also find many of the Math and Science Department instructors available to help in the STEM Center. We encourage you to take advantage of their support by starting a study group or having questions ready during their hour(s) in the STEM Center. You can find which instructors are available and when under the Faculty Support Hours. Please take the time to thank your instructor for supporting students in the tutoring labs.  

Supplemental Instruction

These sessions are held in the STEM Center unless otherwise posted and will be available after the first week of class.  Your SI leader will provide a survey to your class to determine the best time to hold an SI session.  You may also check with the front desk for the location of your SI session. (SI LEADERS AND LOCATION TBA)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday/Sunday 
STEM.CENTER (1200 Building)
BIOL& 100 Survey of Bio
Emily (floating)
BIOL& 211 Cellular Bio
Mark (Fish Bowl) 
MATH& 107 Society
Keaton (1203 CAD Lab) 
MATH& 141 Pre-Calc I
Nathan (Table 17) 
MATH& 142 Pre-Calc II
Mrs. Mayer (1201B) 
MATH& 146 Statistics
Rosa (1201A) 
MATH& 151 Calculus I
Moises (Fish Bowl)
MATH& 152 Calculus II
Mrs. Sherwood (1201A) 
MATH& 254 Calc IV
Mrs. Adams (1214)
Drop-in Drop-in   Drop-in  Drop-in   
BIOL& 211 Cellular
Roylance (1426A)
CHEM& 121 Intro Chem
Mathias (1427A)
 CHEM& 161 Gen Chem
Mort (1428A)
COMPUTER SCIENCE (1500 Building)
CS 111 Introduction to
Programming (CS Lab)
CS 106 Introduction to

Faculty Support Hours

Faculty support is provided in 1 hour sessions at the STEM Center.  This is the perfect opportunity to get class help and advising from your instructor.  You may also meet with your instructor during their posted Office Hours found on your syllabus and their office door or you can schedule an appointment.  

 Winter 2016 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Duvall, Kathleen        
Farag, Sonia        
Groce, Lindsay        
Hamm, Jim        
Harberts, Brinn        
Jacobs, Barbara        
 Whitney, Barbara        
Calculus Study Group

Calculus Study Group

student work on glass

Got Glass?

K. Duvall (Biology)



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