Chemistry is a fundamental physical science that deals with the nature of materials and energy in humans, animals, plants, and the world around us. Getting a major in chemistry prepares students for variety of career fields as diverse as medicine, pharmacology, environmental science, engineering, industry, education, ecology, forensic science, or agriculture.

The chemistry program provides courses to meet a variety of student needs. For science and engineering majors, up to one year of college transfer course work is available in the form of our General Chemistry series (CHEM& 161, 162, 163).

We also offer introductory level courses that serve the needs of Allied Health students seeking careers in the areas of nursing, dental hygiene, radiological and ultrasound technicians. These courses include Introduction to Chemistry (CHEM& 121) and Introduction to Organic/BioChemistry (CHEM& 131).

If you are planning on transferring to a 4-year institution, you should consult program outlines published by the college or university to which you intend to transfer. Our faculty members are happy to help guide students through this process and the sooner you come talk with us, the faster we can get you on track to an exciting career in the sciences!

Chemistry Annual Schedule

  Fall Winter Spring Summer
  CHEM& 105 X X X X
  CHEM& 121 X X X X
  CHEM& 131   X X  
  CHEM& 161 X      
  CHEM& 162   X    
  CHEM& 163     X  

(X = OFFERED during the quarter)

Chemistry Contact

(509) 793-2157

Building 1200

Room 1233

Chemistry Faculty & Staff

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Mahoney, Aaron

Chemistry/Agriculture Associate Faculty
Chemistry Instructor Sarah Bauer

Bauer, Sarah

Chemistry Instructor
(509) 793-2151
Chemistry Instructor Lindsay Groce

Groce, Lindsay

Chemistry Instructor
(509) 793-2157
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