STEM Technology

The 2D and 3D Engineering design courses offered at Big Bend utilize Autocad and Solidworks software. To support the courses Big Bend has a 24seat computer lab Equipped with Dell Precision (series) desktop computer. For out of class work Big Bend has 17 Dell Precision (series) laptops that have the same software loaded as the lab computers. The laptops are located in the STEM center and two in the Library.  

In support of the courses offered Big Bend has three 3D printers, one 3D digitizer scanner, and one 36″ plotter. The 3D printers are Makerbot Replicator, MakerBot Z18, and a Stratasys uPrint SEPlus. A unique feature of the Stratasys is it prints with two filaments one of them being dissolvable. This gives the designer the capabilities of designing and printing an item that has captive moving parts. In addition to printing class projects, the printers have been utilized in printing visual aids of complex math equations for classroom use.

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