STEM Center Resources

STEM Center Items for Checkout

Students must complete a Resource Checkout Agreement in order to check items out from the STEM Center. 

Please make sure you are aware of the specific checkout guidelines for each item. 

Resource ID Required Daily Checkout Quarterly Checkout STEM Center Only
Calculators* X X X  
Laptops X X   X
BIO & 160 Textbook X X X  
A&P Models       X
Textbooks       X
Headphones       X

Quarterly checkouts will be due the last day of finals during the quarter that you have checked out the calculator. When planning your return. please check STEM Center hours on the STEM Center Canvas page 

To checkout a calculator, laptop, or BIOL& 160 textbook, you need your BBCC Student ID Card or Drivers License. This is to ensure we are checking out the calculator to the correct person.

You just need to ask the Front Desk Clerk if you can borrow A&P Models, textbooks, or headphones. No BBCC ID required. However, please keep them in the STEM Center or Emporium Lab and bring them back to the front desk before the end of the day.

Laptops are for daily checkout and STEM Center use only because of our limited supply. If you do need a laptop for long-term checkout, please contact the Library.

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