Conditions of Award

BBCC Conditions of Award

By accepting financial aid, you are acknowledging understanding and agreement with the following:
  • I understand I cannot receive financial aid at two institutions at the same time.
  • I understand I must be enrolled in an eligible BBCC degree or certificate program.
  • I understand that if I withdraw from all my classes, I may have to repay some of the funds I received for which I was not eligible. The Return of Funds policy is posted on the Financial Aid website.
  • I understand that any debts owed to BBCC will increase with costs caused by the collection of such debts.
  • I understand I must maintain SAP to qualify for and continue to receive financial aid.
  • I understand adding or dropping classes before the census date may change my current and future eligibility and I may have to repay some of the state and/or federal funds. Enrollment levels will not be adjusted for classes added after the census date.
  • If I receive a grade change that impacts my eligibility, I understand it is my responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office. I understand that faculty and staff from outside the Financial Aid Office are not required to know financial aid policies.
  • If awarded a work-study job, I understand I can earn up to the amount of the award each quarter. Satisfactory job performance is required for continued employment. If I quit or am terminated, my work-study award will be cancelled.
  • I understand if I receive a Perkins loan or Ford Direct Loan, I am required to complete an exit interview when I:
    • graduate
    • withdraw
    • enroll in 5 or fewer credits
    • not return to BBCC
  • I understand that if I knowingly make a false statement or provide incorrect information on any financial aid forms, I am subject to a fine of $20,000 or less and/or imprisonment.

Washington State Aid Conditions of Award

If the State of Washington is offering you financial aid to help support your education expenses, please visit to get more information about:
  • financial aid
  • scholarships
  • work study
  • student loans.
To receive this funding, you will need to meet the following conditions. If you have questions or find that you cannot meet these conditions, please contact the Financial Aid Office.
  • You must meet the requirements for Washington State Residency.
  • You do not owe a repayment to any state grant or scholarship nor are you in default on a state student loan.
  • You must be enrolled in an eligible program and not be pursuing a degree in theology.
  • If you hold a bachelor’s degree or the foreign equivalent, you are not eligible to receive state grant funds.
  • If you do not attend or if you withdraw from your classes, you may owe a repayment of all or part of any state funds you have received.
  • You must maintain the academic progress standards set by BBCC to receive more state aid.
  • There could be other circumstances that would require a repayment or reduction in your current award amounts.
  • You must meet all eligibility requirements for the state aid program(s) awarded.
  • The offer of this aid is subject to the availability of funds. Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) and BBCC, through which the grant, scholarship, or work study is awarded, reserve the right to withdraw, reduce, or modify the awards due to funding limitations or due to changes in circumstances which affect your eligibility for the program(s).
  • If I don’t cash my state funds check or pickup any remaining funds by the end of the academic year, the funds will be returned to the program at WSAC and treated as funds declined by me.
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