Census Date

What is Census Date?

Census Date is a snapshot of your enrollment for the quarter. At this point, credits are locked and aid for the quarter is adjusted to reflect the enrolled credits.

When is Census Date?

Census Date is on the 10th day of class in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter and the 6th day of class in Summer quarter.

See Dates & Deadlines here.

How does Census Date affect me?

Since your enrollment level (full time, 3/4 time, 1/2 time or less) decides eligibility for the quarter, Census Date will affect your grant payment.
If you received aid based on full time enrollment and then dropped credits, any aid given would be changed to match the enrollment level as of Census Date.
Credits added after Census Date cannot be used to increase financial aid eligibility.
If you drop credits (which could then drop your enrollment level), funds may have to be returned to BBCC since you may be considered overpaid.
If you drop credits after Census Date (as long as you don’t drop all credits), you wouldn’t need to return any funds back to BBCC. Your Satisfactory Academic Progress status would be affected by dropping credits though.
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