Garry Helvy Retires

Gary Helvy with family at retirement party

You can’t walk more than a few steps on the BBCC campus without seeing the work of BBCC carpenter Garry Helvy.

Helvy retired last week after 31 years with the college.

There are few offices or buildings on campus that don’t display Helvy’s work. He made cabinets, bookcases, display cases with glass windows, podiums, and much more. He made the plaques given to retiring BBCC employees, and now has one of his own.

Helvy could take measurements of a presentation podium, and make one of oak that was nicer, had more features, and cost the college less then ordering from a manufacturer. Garry is retired from BBCC, but his work will surround and continue to serve students, faculty, and staff for many years to come.

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