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New Phone System - November 8, 2022

What: BBCC will switch to a new telephone system.

When: November 8, 2022, from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

We will soon be switching from our Cisco phone system to a new service provided by 8×8 (8-by-8). With 8×8, we’ll be able to replace our aging telephony platform with a cost-effective cloud-based solution.


  • Take your phone anywhere you have internet: Make calls from the Teams client on your laptop, your cell phone, or in a web browser.
  • View Presence to see if your co-workers are available before you dial.
  • Easily turn your call into a video meeting
  • Scan codes are not needed to dial long-distance from the new phone system


  • Switch-over will start at 5:00 PM on November 8, 2022. Making and receiving calls will not be possible for several hours.
  • Any phone calls in progress at 5:00 PM will be dropped.
  • Following the transition, desk phones will not work.
    •  Important: You might lose network and Internet access if you unplug your desk phone. Do not unplug your phone. BBT staff will unplug and collect them later.

Training Video:

  • A training video is available. This video has been broken into chapters to make it easier to navigate to parts of interest.
  • The video can be found here: Training Video

Additional Resources:


What training will be available?
Training materials, including Quick Reference Guides and video training will be made available before November 8.

The training video can be found here: Training Video

Can I add contacts to a Speed Dial list?
You can add contacts to “Contact Groups” for speed dial. A demonstration video can be found here: Speed Dial video 

Do I need to dial 8 to call an outside number?
No. You can dial the number directly.

Do I need to use a scan code to dial long distance?
You do not need to use a scan code when calling long distance from a BBCC number.

Long distance is free to numbers within the US and Canada.

I saw SMS and FAX options in the training video...
Most phone lines will not have SMS or FAX options available.

Can I use live captions on phone calls?
Yes! In addition, live translation is also available. Learn more at the link below:

Live translated captions for Microsoft Teams – YouTube

Can we still use Jabber?
Jabber will be retired. Instead, Microsoft Teams will be used to make phone calls.

Will I get a new phone?
We will not be replacing desk phones. With the new phone system, we will be transitioning to softphones.  Similar to Jabber, phone calls will be made with your computer.

The existing Cisco desk phones will stop working when we make the transition.
*Please do not unplug your phone. BBT staff will collect them at a later date*

USB headsets are available in the Library. Those who need a headset can pick one up at their convenience.

If you want to purchase a wireless headset, most Bluetooth headsets will work with the College’s laptops. A couple of options are below:

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset

Plantronics Voyager Wireless Headset

Can I make 911 calls?
Yes. As with any call to 911, it is important that you provide your exact location.

Will we still get voicemail notifications in email?
Yes. Voicemail can also be checked within Teams.

Can I use the Teams mobile app?
You can make and receive calls using the Teams mobile app. The app is available for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play


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