Viking Food Pantry

The Viking Food Pantry will be opening for the first time tomorrow, July 7! John Martin and Ruben Miranda-Juarez will be there to distribute food. The summer hours of operation will be Monday 9am to 1pm and Thursday 11am to 1pm. The Viking Food Pantry is located in 1501.  

Thank you to the food pantry committee: Linda Schoonmaker, Bob Mohrbacher, John Martin, Lindsay Groce, Tyler Wallace, Jeremy Iverson, Diana Villafana, Robin Arriaga, Bonnie Jeffrey, Jody Bortz, Monica Medrano, Taisa Timofeyev, Alicia Wallace, and Ruben Miranda-Jurarez! Thanks to M & O and BBT for your help getting 1501 renovated and equipped! And thanks to Terry Leas, LeAnne Parton, Zach Welhouse, Dawn Geiger, and Candy Lacher, who have donated items for the pantry!

Volunteers picking up at the Food Bank
Yesterday we went to the Moses Lake Food Bank (MLFB) to stock the pantry for the first time. We found Garry Helvy there volunteering! (Garry is pictured with Bobby Rodriguez from the MLFB.)
Campus Bus transporting donations from ML Food Bank
Loading one of the BBCC vans with food!
Volunteers filling the Viking Pantry shelves with food
Taisa Timofeyev and Ruben Miranda-Juarez demonstrating great teamwork to stock the shelves of the Viking Food Pantry in 1501! (Garry Helvy assembled these shelves before he retired!)
Food available now at Viking Pantry
These are food times we have available right now on the shelves. We also have a freezer full of bread items and many person care items (shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrushes and tooth paste, etc.).

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