Starters carry Big Bend men’s and women’s teams to victory

The Big Bend men’s and women’s teams both won on the backs of their starting lineups Friday night.

The women’s team extended their winning streak to start the season to five games when they beat their biggest challenge thus far, Linn-Benton, at the Everett Classic Tournament. Linn-Benton led at the end of the first quarter, but after that it was all Big Bend.

The five starting sophomores stepped up and scored 70 of the 85 points for the team, with Hailey Garrity scoring a double-double.

Big Bend beat Linn-Benton 85-71 and will advance to play Everett in the semi-finals in the Everett Classic Tournament.

The men’s team stayed at home and played Fairchild AFB, which turned into a big win for Big Bend, 104-63.

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