Big Bend Community College to host first ever Hall of Fame Banquet

Big Bend Community College will be hosting a hall of fame banquet to honor the athlete alumni who accomplished great things while at, and after leaving Big Bend. This is the first time in the school’s history that a banquet including all sports, like this, will happen.

Many different sports will be celebrated, including wrestling and basketball. Athletic director Mark Poth is excited to host this first banquet ever. Poth explains that there are many deserving of this honor, but since there were so many they’re focusing on a certain time frame instead of the entire history of Big Bend sports.

Wrestlers Jon Lane, Ron Seibel will be honored. Both of them were national champions. The wrestling programs founder and first coach, Bob Mason will also be recognized. The men and women’s basketball teams 00-01 seasons will also be honored for their eastern region championships, several individual players from basketball will also be recognized. Coach Pete Doumit, a long time baseball coach will also be recognized for his good work and success.

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