BBCC Students’ & Visiting Artist’s Collaboration Gets Permanent Home


The three pieces produced by Big Bend Community College students and visiting artist Glenn Schwaiger are shown hung around the door of the ceramics lab in the Paul Hiari Fine Arts building.

Three beautiful pieces of tile artwork were hung in the Paul Hiari Fine Arts building on Big Bend campus last Thursday. These pieces had their beginning last May when artist Glenn Schwaiger visited campus to mentor students through the process of making tile art.

With his help, students created two of the pieces made from small and large tiles painted with landscapes, animals, plants, and objects that capture the essence of the Columbia Basin.

The third piece was one Glenn designed himself; a landscape painting that combines geographical elements of different areas in the basin.

Big Bend art instructor, Rie Palkovic, had this to day about the experience:

“Students gained experience in collaboration for a common goal along with the specific tile-making skills that Glenn taught them. In being part of this collaboration, students engaged in community building that required each person to contribute. And they made a beautiful tile work that adds to our aesthetic experience. It makes me smile each time I see it.”

A sign hung near the pieces proudly displays the names of the student artists and art classes who contributed to make the project a success.

To learn more about Glenn Schwaiger and his art, you can visit his Facebook page HERE.


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