BBCC Prof-Tech Preview Day: Medical Simulation

students around manikin in med sim labJuniors from Moses Lake High School visited the Big Bend Community College campus Wednesday to get an up close and personal look at some of the Professional and Technical Education Programs offered at BBCC.

Medical Simulation was given an active role in the day as over 600 students had an opportunity to engage with the medical simulators and make them cry, scream, seize, turn blue, have abnormal pupil dilation and much more. Many of the students mentioned that being able to interact with the manikins was a really neat experience (one that they were able to capture and share on social media #BBCCMedicalSimulation).

Workforce Education Department. To learn more about the day and about the other Professional-Technical Programs that BBCC has to offer, please click here: Prof-Tech Preview Day

Photo Credit: Heidi Bratsch

group of 5 students around manikin in sim lab

group of 9 students in sim lab

students around manikin in sim lab


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