Another blowout win gives Big Bend women’s basketball best start in recent memory

BREMERTON – Big Bend women’s basketball continues its undefeated streak of blowing teams out. The Big Bend Vikings traveled to Bremerton and dominated the Olympic College Rangers at their home court 86-44.

The win brought Big Bend to a 3-0 start to the season, blowing out every team along the way. The average margin of victory throughout the three-game winning streak is 37 points per contest.

The night started off hot when point guard Sunnie Martinez drained three 3-point shots and added an assist to get her team started on an 11-2 run. She ended the game with 22 points. “I came into the game not really thinking about how many points I was gonna score, it was more about, ‘I want this to be a good team win for us’,” Martinez said.

As a point guard her responsibility is to put her team in a position to win games, in whatever form that takes. She said, “If it takes me scoring to help us be better and to help us win, then that’s what I want to do.”

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