Current WES Students

Monthly Check-in: WES Students, we care about your progress! In order to help you be successful, we require that you fill out the monthly check-in form and submit it by the 10th of each month. This will help us determine if you qualify for additional services and ensure that we are meeting your grant(s) guidelines.

Please click the link below for the monthly check-in form.

CANVAS: We use CANVAS to post important announcements and deadlines to our students.

Please click the link below to access CANVAS.

CSA (Continuing Student Application): Continuing WES students must turn in a CSA every quarter they plan to continue to be part of WES. Unless you have missed more than 1 year of college then you need to reapply for WES services.

PR (Participant Reimbursement) Form: The PR form is a commonly used WES form. The PR form allows the WES case managers to provide a service on a student’s behalf with the student’s acknowledgment. This form is used for requests such as books, tools, supplies, emergency services, and more.

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