Placement Test Topics

The placement test covers important material from the previous course. Here is a list of topics that a student must show competency in to place into a given course.

To place into Math 094 PreAlgebra:

  • Add, subtract, multiply, divide whole numbers, fractions, and decimals

To place into Math 098 Elementary Algebra:

  • Use order of operations to perform basic arithmetic operations on signed number expressions containing absolute values and exponents.
  • Solve simple linear equations
  • Evaluate mathematical expressions containing exponents using the order of operations
  • Set up ratios and solve proportions
  • Change among fraction, decimal, and percent form of a number
  • Solve percent problems
  • Find the mean, median and mode of a group of numbers
  • Do conversions of length volume, area, time and temperature using American and metric units
  • Find the area, volume or perimeter of common geometric shapes
  • Simplify an algebraic expression by combining like terms and/or using distributive property

To place into Math 099 Intermediate Algebra

  • Use the laws of exponents to simplify integer exponential expressions
  • Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials, including long division
  • Solve linear and literal equations and linear inequalities
  • Solve variation problems
  • Set up and solve linear story problems
  • Find the slope of a line and graph
  • Factor polynomials and equations, factor sum and difference of cubes, find the vertex of a quadratic function and graph
  • Perform basic arithmetic operations on rational polynomial expressions
  • Simplify complex fractions containing terms
  • Evaluate a function
  • Solve right triangles using sine, cosine, and tangent functions

To place in MATH 107MATH 120MATH 146, or MATH 147

  • Perform basic arithmetic operations on functions. Simplify composite functions
  • Solve a system of linear equations in 2 & 3 variables
  • Solve a word problem using a system of equations
  • Perform basic arithmetic operations on expressions containing radicals or imaginary numbers
  • Solve quadratic equations, equations containing radicals and rational equations and equations with rational exponents
  • Solve word problems with quadratic equations
  • Simplify exponential and logarithmic expressions and solve elementary equations
  • Graph quadratic functions
  • Compute compound and continuous interest.
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