Mathematics Associate in Arts and Science Transfer Option

The mathematics department at BBCC prepares students for successful transfer to a four-year college or university. At the university level, a math major student may prepare for a career in industry, government, or education.

All students, regardless of background, must take BBCC’s math placement exam before being allowed to enroll in any math or science course with a math prerequisite.

Since programs differ at each college, students should consult program outlines published by the college or university to which they intend to transfer. The following recommended courses prepare students for most baccalaureate institutions. Students should prepare their quarterly schedules with the assistance of an advisor knowledgeable in this transfer area.

Recommended Pre-Major Courses

Course Description Credits
CHEM& 161 General Chem w/Lab I 5
CHEM& 162 General Chem w/Lab II 5
CHEM& 163 General Chem w/Lab III 5
MATH& 151 Calculus I 5
MATH& 152 Calculus II 5
MATH& 163 Calculus III 5
MATH 220 Linear Algebra 5
MATH 230 Differential Equations 5
MATH 254 Calculus IV 5
PHYS& 221 Engineering Physics I 4
PHYS& 231 Engineering Physics Lab I 1
PHYS& 222 Engineering Physics II 4
PHYS& 232 Engineering Physics Lab II 1
PHYS& 223 Engineering Physics III 4
PHYS& 233 Engineering Physics Lab III 1

To complete the degree the following are needed in addition to the above courses:

Course Description Credits
ENGL 101/102 English 10
Humanities Choose three humanities courses 15
Social Science Choose three social science courses 15
PEH Course(s) Three credits in PEH as outlined in the catalog 3


To complete the Associate in Arts and Science Transfer degree with an emphasis in pre-major math/science courses one must complete 103 credits. The standard two year, three courses per term track can only provide for 90 credits. The student can choose one of the following options to complete the degree:

  • Enroll in an extra course during three of the terms at BBCC
  • Enroll in a full load for a summer term
  • Enroll in 13 credits over two summer terms
  • Select 15 credits (3 courses) from the pre-major list to take after transferring to a four-year college or university
  • Enroll in an extra term at BBCC

It is important to review quarterly schedules with an adviser before registering for classes. Following is a suggested two year schedule:

  Fall Winter Spring Summer
First Year

MATH&151 (5)

CHEM 161 (5)

ENGL 101 (5)

PEH Activity (1)

MATH 152 (5)
CHEM 162 (5)

ENGL 102 (5)

PEH Activity (1)

MATH 163 (5)

CHEM 163 (5)

Humanities/Social Science (5)

PEH Activity (1)

Humanities/Social Science (5)

Humanities/Social Science (5)

Second Year

MATH 220 (5)

PHYS 221/231 (5)

Humanities/Social Science (5)

MATH 230 (5)

PHYS 222/232 (5)

Humanities/Social Science (5)

MATH 254 (5)

PHYS 223/233 (5)

Humanities/Social Science (5)

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