Residence Halls: Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do I have to live on campus?

BBCC does not require students to live on campus. The Residence Halls are an affordable option for those students who wish to have the full college experience.

Can I tour the residence Halls?

  • Tours of the residence halls must go through our outreach office. To request a tour, fill out the Tour Request Form.

What if I don’t identify as the gender indicated on my record

If you have questions or concerns regarding living options based on your gender marker not matching your gender identity, please contact us so that we can work with you on an individual basis.

How can I apply to be a Resident Assistant (RA)?

The application to become an RA is located on the student employment page. Hiring for the following year will take place during April or May. For more information, visit the Resident Advisor webpage.

I need Housing accommodations who do I contact to request those?

All accommodations for Big Bend must go through our Accommodations and Accessibility Services (AAS) Office. While AAS has open enrollment into their program, the ResHalls does impose a deadline on getting those accommodations.

Am I able to bring my car?

ResHalls does offer free parking. We will ask that you provide vehicle information to ensure vehicles in our lots belong to our students. Parking is on a first come first serve basis and we do not issue parking spots. Students are only allowed to occupy one parking space; boats, trailers, and other vehicles will need to be parked or stored elsewhere.

What if I am currently experiencing homelessness?

Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness (SSEH) is a grant that aims to assist students experiencing homelessness, housing insecurities, or students who have aged out of foster care. Any current BBCC student (regardless of their program path) who meets the eligibility requirements or who has aged out of the foster care system may be able to receive support services such as emergency housing, rental assistance, eviction prevention, utilities assistance, access to laundry facilities, access to technology, community resources and referrals and more. To be eligible you must be a current BBCC student and fall into one of the below categories:

  • Currently experiencing homelessness
    • Meaning you are couch surfing, sleeping in your vehicle, staying with friends or family. Or it could also mean that you have a place right now, but it is not permanent.
  • Currently experiencing housing insecurities
    • Meaning you may be unable to pay rent or have an eviction notice. You may be worried about losing your current housing and/or concerned about becoming homeless.
  • You aged out or were in foster care at the time you graduated high school or completed your high school equivalency.

Funds are limited and are available until all funds are exhausted. After completing the online SSEH intake process a program coordinator will reach out to you via email or phone for further information and assistance.

For more information, visit the Workforce Education Services website.

Housing Contract

When can I submit my ResHall application?

As soon as you have received your acceptance letter from admissions/enrollment you will be able to submit a ResHall contract.

How much does it cost to submit the application?

There is no application cost, however, we do ask that you pay your security deposit at the time of submitting your application.

Can I guarantee a single room?

We cannot guarantee a certain hall or room type prior to your assigned room selection date and time.

How do I choose my roommate?

The ResHall application does have a section for a preferred roommate. Please make sure that you and your preferred roommate mark each other to guarantee this selection.

Can I change my room assignment?

You can change your room assignment by contacting

When do I pay for ResHalls?

The security deposit is due at the time of application. The first payment is due prior to moving in.

Do I have to pay in full or is there a payment plan?

While there is a preference for paying in full, payment plans are available with a buying fee of $15 each quarter. Please fill out the form below and contact the Business Office ( to enroll in the ResHall payment plan. 

Residence Hall Installment Payment Plan Enrollment Form (English)

Residence Hall Installment Payment Plan Enrollment Form (Spanish)

Do I have to move out each quarter?

Room assignments are made for the full academic year. Residents do not need to move out each quarter unless they are planning on moving out entirely or changing rooms.

Cancellation and Exemptions

Can I cancel my ResHall Contract?

The ResHall contract is legally binding for the entire academic year. Cancellations may be granted in certain circumstances such as withdrawal from the college, medical, or military needs. 

Students who withdraw for the current quarter will have 48 hours to vacate their space and turn in their keys.

Will I get my security deposit back?

Students who leave their room and furnishings in good condition are eligible to get their security deposit back.

When is the latest I can cancel my ResHall Contract?

You can cancel your contact 72 hours prior to move in.

Will I get a refund?

If you cancel your application/contract 72 hours before you move in, you will be issued a full refund.

Residence Halls Facilities and Rooms

Can I change rooms during the quarter?

Students wanting to change rooms during the quarter need to meet with their RA and/or the Director to see what space is available.

Can I change rooms during the quarter breaks?

With approval from the Director of ResHalls and ResLife changes can be made to your room assignment. Students cannot occupy more than one space, so all belongings need to be in your new room prior to your departure for the break. Please plan ahead, as the ResHalls do not offer storage space.

How do I submit a Maintenance Request?

How often are the common spaces cleaned?

Residence halls common spaces are cleaned each weekday by our custodial staff.  

How often are the communal bathrooms and showers cleaned?

Residence halls community bathrooms are cleaned each weekday by our custodial staff.  

What size bedding do I need to buy?

All our mattresses are Twin XL

What are in the Kitchens?

Each kitchen is equipped with two induction burners and pot and pans to use on those burners. George Forman grills, griddles, toasters, air fryers, toaster ovens, water kettle, Keurig, waffle maker, microwaves. The kitchen is also equipped with limited cooking utensils, prep equipment like cutting boards, can openers, peelers, and knives.

Residence Halls also provides cleaning materials such as sponges, dish soap, drying rack, and dish rags.

Can students bring their own appliances?

Yes, students can bring their own appliances such as blender, slow cooker, rice cooker, and air fryers. Students can have these items in their rooms for storage, and ask that they use these appliances in the kitchen spaces to help keep our spaces clean and pest free.

We ask that they do not bring items with gas, or exposed heating coil as it is a fire hazard, and the Fire Marshall will have us remove it.

I lost my key what do I do?

Contact a member of ResLife and we will help you with the next steps. There will be a lost key fee added to your account.

Is there security?

Student safety is our priority; we have night time Security Officers within the halls and the parking area is well monitored with high-resolution security cameras.  Each floor also has a Resident Advisor.

Are there elevators?

No. There are no elevators in either building.


Can I leave my things in my room over Winter break?

You may leave your things in your room over Winter break, as long as you will be remaining in the same room for the Spring quarter. If you participated in room changes and have a new assignment for the Spring quarter, you must move your things out of your room and return your keys before you leave for Winter break.

Can I stay in the ResHalls over spring break?

Students can stay in their assigned room during the break.

Can I move out after the quarter?

While housing assignments are made for the full academic year exceptions can be made after meeting with the Director of ResHalls and ResLife

When do I need to move out at the end of the academic year?

Students must move out of their rooms 24 hours after their last final exam in June.

All students not enrolled in summer quarter must be out by 2pm on the 15th of June. Extensions can be granted only by the Director of ResHalls and ResLife and must be made prior to the last day.

Residence Halls Contact

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