Making Payments and Refunds

At Big Bend Community College, we make it easy to pay your housing and tuition in one go. More information regarding billing is available both in our ResHall Office and in our Business Office.

Residence Hall Payment Options

  • Pay Online: Make a payment in CTCLink
    • Accepted payment methods: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX)
  • Pay in-person or over the phone
    •  The business office is located in the 1400 building (7662 Chanute St. NE)
    • Payments can be made Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
    • Accepted payment methods: Check, Cash, Money Order, or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX)
    • To make a payment over the phone or for billing questions, call (509) 793-2018
  • Pay by mail
    • Business office mailing address: Big Bend Community College Attention: Business Office 7662 Chanute St NE Moses Lake, WA 98837
    • Accepted payment methods: Check or Money Order
  • Pay with Financial Aid
    • Financial aid funds will apply directly to tuition and then housing charges. Students might receive a refund from the business office that will then need to be used to pay for housing; funds might also be applied directly. Students should review their balance in CTCLink to verify that all charges have been satisfied. 
    • Note: Financial Aid does not cover the cost of the security deposits.
  • Pay on a Residence Hall Installment Payment Plan
    • The Residence Hall Installment Payment Plan makes paying for the Residence Halls more affordable. Payments are made in three installments throughout the quarter. There is a $15.00 quarterly non-refundable enrollment fee.
    • To be eligible for the plan you must be eligible to reside in the Residence Halls.
    • Complete the enrollment form English//Spanish and then email the completed document to
    • Pay the $15.00 nonrefundable enrollment fee and make the first installment of the plan.
    • Accepted payment methods: Cash, Check or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or AMEX)

What if my payment is late?

A late payment fee of $25 will be assessed for any payment not received by the 7th day of the month in which it is due.  If the 7th falls on a weekend or a holiday, payment must be received on the previous Friday to avoid the late fee.  An additional late payment fee of $25 will be assessed every 7 days until the balance is paid in full.

Are you currently experiencing homelessness or housing insecurities?

Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness (SSEH) is a grant that aims to assist students experiencing homelessness, housing insecurities, or students who have aged out of foster care. Any current BBCC student (regardless of their program path) who meets the eligibility requirements or who has aged out of the foster care system may be able to receive support services such as emergency housing, rental assistance, eviction prevention, utilities assistance, access to laundry facilities, access to technology, community resources and referrals and more.

Visit the Workforce Education Services website for more information on the SSEH grant and directions for how to apply. Questions? Email Tara White, SSEH program coordinator.

Payments Due and Late Fees

Residence Halls post quarterly room charges to the student account. Payment is due prior to moving in on your first quarter, and prior to the start of each quarter.

A $5.00 per day fee will be added to the student’s account and after:

One (1) Week Late: The Business Office will add the late fees to the student’s account if a resident hasn’t paid in FULL or joined the Residence Hall Payment Plan.

Two (2) Weeks Late: The business Office adds late fees and Residence Hall Director is notified. Residence Hall Director provides notice to the resident of late payment and gives an eviction date if payment is not made (The eviction Date will be one week from the day of the notice).

Three (3) Weeks Late: The business Office adds late fees and notifies Residence Hall Director to initiate eviction. 

Cancellation/Termination of Residence Contract

Residence Hall contracts are made for the academic year. Students have the option to be released from that contract at the end of each quarter prior to the break. Students are responsible for the financial obligations during the year, until their contract ends or is terminated. Reasons to terminate the contract are as follows:

  • Medical Withdrawal
    • Students will be subject to daily prorated costs up to the point they officially check out from the halls. Students who do not check out properly may continue to be subject to additional costs.
  • Academic Suspension
    • Students who are academically suspended will have their housing contract automatically canceled. Once the Office of Residential Life receives notification from the Dean of Students that a student has been suspended, they will be removed from the Residence Halls. If the student plans to appeal their suspension, they must inform the Director of Residence Halls and ResLife. Students who are readmitted to the college after a suspension will have to reapply for housing.
    • Terminating your contract with 13 to 1 days’ notice prior to check-in may result in a cancellation fee of a 3-night minimum stay (at the double room rate of $45 USD).


If a resident wishes to terminate this contract the resident will need to meet with a member of ResLife Staff and complete the checkout procedures identified herein. The effective date of termination will be the date all check-out procedures are completed. Termination of the Contract does not excuse the resident from financial consequences including but not limited to room charges for the remainder of the quarter, loss of security/damage deposit, fines, fees, or costs related to the collection of outstanding debts.

Refunds on security deposit are contingent on the successful completion of all checkout procedures.

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