DACA Message from BBCC and SBCTC Presidents

Statement from the President


Today, I come with heavy concerns for members of our campus community. On October 5th, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA, violates United States immigration law.  

Persons with DACA status are also known as “DREAMers”. This ruling has a direct impact on some of our students as well as residents in our service district. I want to acknowledge the pain and fear of those most impacted that results from this decision.   

We want to send a clear message to every DACA student at Big Bend. Every single student that wants an education is going to be given an opportunity. Every student that comes through the door at Big Bend, we are going to extend every resource we have to serve you. 

DACA was established in 2012 and protects the approximately 600,000 children, who entered the United States without immigration status, from the risk of deportation. The program did not grant official legal status nor did it grant a path to citizenship but it did allow persons with DACA status to obtain a driver’s license, a social security number, and a work permit.  

At Big Bend, we work every day with DACA students. We understand how our culture is enriched daily by sharing our thoughts, ideas and combined need for understanding. Every student that comes to Big Bend deserves the fruits of the opportunities that Big Bend can offer. 

For many DREAMers, the United States is their home—the only one they have known—and they have contributed to the health and well-being of our community.  

As president of Big Bend Community College, I have one focus—that is to ensure access and support for any person who seeks a college education. And I know for fact that our community has been enriched by the DREAMers among us.  

Thank you for sharing life with us as our neighbors, friends, family, colleagues, and students. We are committed to keeping a safe, welcoming learning environment for you and every student.  

Our campus remains, and will remain, a place where education is available to anyone with the desire to receive it. We will extend every resource at our disposal to serve as a bridge, stand as a leader, and support every student we can possibly reach for success! 

While the courts bat legalese back and forth, know that I see your humanity. I gratefully acknowledge your contributions to our college. And I hope that the stress and turmoil you face today is evaporated by this country’s whole hearted welcome to you soon. 

My heart and the heart of Big Bend is with you.  

Take care of yourselves, those you love, and I’ll see you around the Bend.   

Statement from the State Board of Community & Technical Colleges

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