DACA Message from BBCC and SBCTC Presidents

Statement from the President

Students, colleagues, and trustees,

Last December, I joined the 37 presidents and chancellors in the Washington Community and Technical College system, and our state’s university colleagues, in signing a letter addressed to then President-Elect Trump, asking him to allow the provisions in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to continue.

Now that President Trump has ended DACA and placed its future in Congress’ hands, I am writing to discuss our current and emerging viewpoints. Our college’s mission charges us to be respectful and supportive of students and employees.

Our mission is to transform the lives of our community members through excellence in teaching and learning – regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliation, age, pregnancy, veteran/military status, or disabilities. Everyone has the right to access a college education. I believe that ethically, and in the spirit of our college’s mission, we need to provide a platform for the achievement and success of all BBCC students and employees.

Big Bend strives to be a safe place in which students can focus on learning and employees can focus on working without the worry of persecution. For many, these are uncertain times and our college offers help and support to those affected. Following this message, you will find a list of resources and information.

Your academic and career goals are important to me, and Big Bend is committed to helping you achieve them.

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