SSEH (Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness)

SSEH (Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness) is a grant that aims to assist students experiencing homelessness, housing insecurities, or students who have aged out of foster care. Any current BBCC student (regardless of their program path) who meets the eligibility requirements may be able to receive support services such as emergency housing, rental assistance, eviction prevention, moving costs, community resources, community referrals and more.

To be eligible you must be a current BBCC student who is taking at least one class/credit and falls into one of the below categories:

Currently experiencing homelessness – (Some examples listed below)

  • Living in a Motel or hotel
  • Living in a Shelter
  • Living in a Car, park, campground, abandoned building, public place, or anywhere not meant for human habitation
  • Living in a place without adequate facilities (not designed for heat, electricity, water services, etc.)
  • Couch Surfing (sleeping on different people’s couches or in their homes in order to have a place to stay)
  • Sharing a multi-family home
  • Living in an unsafe environment or quality of living is at risk

Currently experiencing housing insecurities – (Some examples listed below)

  • Received a pay or vacate notice
  • Unable to pay rent
  • Behind on rent
  • Concerned about losing your current housing and/or becoming homeless due to unforeseen circumstances such as a loss of employment

You aged out or were in foster care at the time you graduated high school or completed your high school equivalency.

Funds are limited, based on need and are available until all funds are exhausted. After completing the online SSEH intake application a program coordinator will reach out to you via email or phone for further information and assistance.

Please scan the QR code or click the link to access the SSEH Intake Application.

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