Transitioning Students from DVS 080 to MATH 094

Transitioning Students from DVS 080 to Math 094

  • DVS 080 students cannot register for MATH 094 the same quarter they finish DVS 080. However, if there is a seat available, they are allowed to sit in the Emporium unofficially and get a head start on the next quarter.
  • Some students are able to get a big head start, increasing chance of long term success and progressing through pre-college math quicker. But there is no tuition paid, there is no registration made for the current quarter, there is no impact on financial aid or charges, this is for a head start next quarter when they do register.
  • This is usually worked out with communication between the DVS 080 instructor and the emporium instructor teaching at the same time. No need for counselors or registration to do anything.
  • If a student sits in on 094 and completes by the end of the quarter, they can enroll in MATH 098 the following quarter. The student will need to get a code from the instructor to override the prerequisite in order to enroll. 

 ~Tyler Wallace, January 2020

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