Jennifer Adams – Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker, Jennifer Adams

“Our limitations are not a burden, but instead a gift, for beyond our limitations is fulfillment and purpose.”

~ Jennifer Adams,

Former Ms. Wheelchair America 2014

Jennifer Adams was born with partial limbs, yet she does not consider her struggles a burden, but instead a gift, for she has had the privilege to learn that beyond our limitations is fulfillment and life’s purpose. Jennifer is a radiant, high energy spokes-woman who enjoys singing, public speaking, and adaptive sports.

Jennifer is an accomplished woman. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Pacific Lutheran University, a certification in Radio Broadcasting, and a Master’s degree in counseling from Faith Seminary.  She recently started a non-profit organization to provide dream opportunities for people with extra-abilities. Jennifer carries the title of Ms. Wheelchair America 2014.   

Through Jennifer’s education, life experience and professional experience, she started a motivational speaking business, SHIFT.  The message of her story “shifts” peoples mindsets to see the possibilities beyond their limitations.

Through SHIFT Jennifer’s has an anti-bullying campaign called “The Power of Words.” She knows first-hand the power that words have on an individual’s life through her own experience of being bullied in school, and the healing experience of being built up through positive words and support from family and friends. The message of “The Power of Words” is, that everyone should be accepted, regardless of extra-ability, skin color, family back ground, financial means, or any perceived anomaly, because acceptance is POWERFUL!!!

Jennifer also has a passion for the arts; acting, dancing, and singing. She has experienced barriers to her passion in the mainstream art world, due to her extra-ability. Her goal is to encourage people with extra-abilities to take their gifts and talents out into the world to break down barriers of discrimination. “When we (people with extra-abilities) show the world our talents, disabilities dissolve and abilities shine forth.”

Jennifer’s SHIFT Platform Title: Inclusion Revolution

Platform Focus“To spread the message of acceptance and awareness to businesses, schools and legislators in America and demonstrate to everyone that having a disability is cool!”

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