Introduction to Communication launches Fall 2023

inside lobby of Paul Hirai Fine Arts Building

Introduction to Communication launches Fall 2023

Calling all Communication Studies curious folks and nerds! Following our introduction of Intercultural Communication (CMST 225) this last year to our list of course offerings, our department is going to add Introduction to Communication (CMST& 101) in the Fall of 2023. This is an exciting development! By adding CMST 225 and CMST& 101 to our list of courses, our BBCC students can enter any Communication Studies program with many of the basic courses that allow for a solid foundation.  

CMST& 101 is a course that will introduce you to what is considered one of the most practical disciplines in academia! Communication Studies is an exciting field that offers students a range of options for either creating a double major or pivoting into a variety of careers from sportscasting to linguistics to anthropology. Whether you end up focusing on Communication Studies or pairing it with another discipline, you can’t go wrong. We do it all, and you learn to become an excellent speaker and writer! 

If you are looking for flexibility and a field that endlessly folds into other majors and career options, Communication Studies is for you.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Communication Studies department, and contact Barbara Ann Bush, PhD at or stop by at the Paul Hirai Fine Arts building on campus! Dr. Bush will be happy to talk to you and see if our department is the right fit for you!

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