Increasing the realism in simulation: Crafting authentic looking wounds to aid in healthcare training (Moulage)

By engaging in the artful practice of using moulage (crafting realistic looking wounds), training environments for first responders has never been more real!

burn wound in medical simulation moulague class

Even though moulage has been used for hundreds of years in order to provide authentic training environments for healthcare professionals, many people are most familiar with the use of moulage in Hollywood cinema. For example, the gaping head wounds and lacerated legs found in many of Hollywood’s war movies are the result of expertly applied moulage.

deep cut in medical simulation moulague class

However, moulage is not only found in Hollywood. In fact, Moses Lake has some of the best medically trained moulage professionals. Specifically, Todd Schanze and team has been using moulage for the last 10 years to help educate our community on the dire consequences of drunk driving (as seen in the included picture). The realism of the moulage helps people visualize the trauma that can occur as well as instigate a realistic response for healthcare professionals.

This quarter, healthcare education students will be given an opportunity learn the basics of medical moulage from our own Moses Lake experts. This workshop is part of the new medical simulation program at BBCC and is made possible by Title V.

Photo Credit: Todd Schanze

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