Big Bend Veteran Resource Office delivers school supplies to North, Larson Heights elementary

Vet Corp reps with elementary students
BBCC Public Affairs Office photo

By Joe Utter of iFiber One News

MOSES LAKE – The Big Bend Community College Veteran Resource Office delivered more than 20 boxes of school supplies this week to North and Larson Heights Elementary Schools in Moses Lake.

The boxes contained a number of essential school supplies including paper, pens and pencils, notebooks, binders, glue sticks and more. A portion of the supplies came from the Veteran Resource Office school supply distribution event for veterans’ families.

“With a modest amount of supplies remaining after the event, there developed a question of how best to disposition them,” said Jim Leland, Big Bend Veteran Resource officer. “As I had already met my objective to serve service members and their families, the next logical step was to serve our community.”

Leland reached out to staff at both North and Larson Heights to see if either school could use extra supplies.

“With the idea manifesting quite later, after school had already begun, we weren’t sure there would be a demand,” Leland said. “But their response was immediate and urgent. Not only was there a need, it was dire.”

Leland also reached out to the Big Bend community and with the help of the Big Bend Foundation, raised more than $700 to purchase additional school supplies.

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