Big Bend Students Donate to New Hope

Executive Officers for Big Bend Community College’s Associated Student Body decided at the beginning of this year that they wanted to tackle at least three community service projects focused on giving back.

The ASB has already organized one campus blood drive (with another coming in January), crafted dog chew toys for the local animal sanctuary Daze of Camelot, and soon will be beginning a food drive for the Viking Food Pantry on campus.

On Thursday afternoon, BBCC Mascot Thor and Director of Student Programs Kim Jackson made a visit to the New Hope Domestic Violence Service Center to donate 70 teddy bears made from hand towels to go to children who come in contact with the service.

Members of the ASB said they got the idea from a post on Pinterest.

“I am proud of our students, and of their willingness to help others in their community,” said Jackson. “Our ASB officers set leadership goals early in the year to give back through community service projects and they have exceeded those goals. They have been a great group to work with.”

ASB Executive Officers include: Matthew Alvarado, president; Reid Jackson, vice president; Jason Estrada, public relations officer; Marisol Lozano, secretary; Auggie Francis, treasurer; and Morgan Goslin, programming director.

Students deliver donation to New Hope
The Associated Student Body of Big Bend Community College donated 70 teddy bear to the New Hope Domestic Violence Service Center. Receiving the donations are (left to right) Becky Garcia, Vicki Gamboa and Michele Haughton of New Hope, along with Director of Student Programs Kim Jackson and BBCC Mascot Thor.
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