Big Bend instructor selected for Humanities Washington speaker series

Allison Palumbo speaking to full classroom

Big Bend instructor selected for Humanities Washington speaker series

Allison Palumbo
Dr. Allison Palumbo

MOSES LAKE — Big Bend Community College English instructor and author Dr. Allison Palumbo has recently been selected for the 2021-23 Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau series. Palumbo will have the opportunity to travel throughout the state over the next two years to share their research on American popular culture, feminism and intimacy studies.

Through its Speakers Bureau series, Humanities Washington reaches a number of communities in the state by hosting free public presentations on history, politics, music, philosophy, spiritual traditions, and everything in between.

Speakers Bureau presenters are professors, artists, activists, historians, performers, journalists, and others— who were chosen for their expertise, as well as for their ability to inspire discussion with people of all ages and backgrounds. Hundreds of Speakers Bureau events take place each year.

Palumbo’s presentations will focus on postfeminism and how strong, independent women in romance narratives are portrayed in film and television, topics they have explored during previous public discussions, including the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center’s Salon speaker series.

Palumbo shared how their participation in the museum’s Salon series led to the opportunity to work with Humanities Washington.

“Shortly after we moved to Washington a few years ago, I had the pleasure of attending some fascinating presentations at the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center. They were sponsored by the Humanities Washington Speakers Series,” said Palumbo. “At the time, I didn’t even imagine I would be able to be part of the series, but I really enjoyed the opportunities they provided to engage with cultural offerings. It made me feel less isolated and inspired me through what I learned.”

While participating in the Salon series, Palumbo was able to learn more about Humanities Washington and the Speakers Bureau program.

“I thought maybe this is something I could do too. I applied and gave an interview and mini-presentation to the board, and they voted to have me join,” said Palumbo. “It has made me so happy thinking that I will get to travel around the state to share my own research.”

Visit the Humanities Washington website for more information on the Speakers Bureau series and to view a calendar of upcoming events.

About Allison Palumbo:

Allison Palumbo (they/them pronouns), aka Dr. P, is a professor of English and Gender Studies at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake. Allison’s first book, Love and the Fighting Female: A Critical Study of Onscreen Depictions, was published summer of 2020 and reflects their lifetime love of all things romance and action. As a cultural critic and feminist scholar, Allison has most recently presented their research at Seattle Institute for Film’s WTF?! program and at the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center Salon series.

Visit the William C. Bonaudi Library’s Passion Project Showcase website to learn more about Dr. Palumbo’s book, Love and the Fighting Female.

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