BBCC Welding department qualified to continue certification testing

A student on the left holds a flashlight while an instructor on the right points at a part of the student's weld work.
BBCC Welding Faculty Shawn McDaniel, right, inspects a student’s work with the student, left, watching closely.

MOSES LAKE – Big Bend Community College Welding Faculty Shawn McDaniel recently announced the welding program met all the requirements to continue to provide structural steel welding certification testing to BBCC Students and the community.

Through passing an audit of their testing process, the BBCC Welding Program is qualified to continue to provide testing services for structural steel welding certifications for the next three years through the Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO). By continuing to provide this certification, amongst others, Big Bend supports students and members of the community to meet the increasing demands of industry jobs and creates opportunities for financial and professional growth.

“This continued credential will allow us to remain the testing agency of choice in our service district and beyond,” McDaniel said.

Providing this testing is only one aspect of the numerous opportunities of the BBCC welding program. BBCC also has three welding education options on campus: AAS Welding Technology Degree, Welding Certificate of Accomplishment and Welding Certificate of Achievement.

The welding program at BBCC provides students with the skills and technical knowledge they need to meet certification requirements for production, pipe and structural welding in the manufacturing and construction industries. While all students in the welding program follow the same curriculum for their first year, they get to choose what to specialize in from a variety of industry sectors for their second year – Pipe, structural steel, or production.

McDaniel said he has seen former students from all over the state become successful in not only local industries, but also across the world, after completing their welding credential at BBCC.

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