Applied Math for Workforce Programs (MAP 117)

The MAP 117 course was created as a means for providing Workforce Education students the applied math skills required of their future occupation while also serving as an equivalent course on the pathway to a traditional SQR course.  Thanks to the collaborative work of our deans, faculty and curriculum development personnel, MAP 117 was established a MATH 094 equivalent.  As of today we have only contextualized MAP 117 for Medical Assisting.  There are plans for other programs and we will keep you updated as they roll out.

Again, the intent of this course is to provide students the necessary math skills as they relate to their future workforce occupations.  What it is NOT intended for is Running Start students to substitute enrollment in MATH 094/98/99 in order to provide an alternate method in reaching a traditional SQR that is not traditionally funded by their school district.  The latter is especially dangerous at this time given that the pathway and processes for reaching an SQR through MAP courses have not been fully established.  That being said, we are “highly discouraging” enrollment in this course by Running Start students as it could present conflicts with their respective counselor, school and/or district because although it is a 100+ course, it also is an equivalent to a traditional pre-college math course.  In the end, we do not know what credit and financial implications on Running Start students could be and we are playing on the side of caution.

So, for the time being I ask that all advisors, faculty and personnel refrain from enrolling non-workforce education students in the MAP 117 course. 

~Rafael Villalobos, 12/17/18

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