2019 Writing Contest Winners

Banner 2019 writing contestCongratulations to the winners of Big Bend’s 4th Annual Writing Contest. Each First place winner will receive $100, second place $75, and third place $50.


First Place: Erin Hawkins
Second Place: Chelsea Boothe
Third Place: Isaias Hernandez-Dominguez
Honorable Mention: Alfonso Bautista


First Place: Danielle Dunlap
Second Place: Niki Brzezny
Third Place: Curtis Atwood
Honorable Mention: Jesse Berry


First Place: BriAnna DeHerrera
Second Place: Jacqueline Tran
Third Place: Careena  Tashiro-Townley
Honorable Mention: Ryan Brookman
Honorable Mention: Caitlyn Turner

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