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As a BBCC TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Scholar, you now have access to various resources/platforms that are only available for TRIO students! If you need assistance accessing any of these resources, please contact a TRIO SSS staff member. 


iGrad is a financial wellness platform for TRIO SSS students. On this platform you can access up-to-date scholarship resources, financial education courses, and more! 

We highly encourage you to learn about these financial topics in year one of our program. In year two we encourage these additional financial topics

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If you need assistance logging in, contact a TRIO staff member.

Pathful explore

Pathful explore is an interactive career exploration platform for TRIO SSS students with over 3,000 professionally produced job shadowing and career advice videos. Use the site to explore careers from a range of industries and fields, take career assessments, research and compare colleges, find scholarships and/or jobs (through, and more! 

Top careers TRIO SSS students research on Pathful explore

  • Nurse
  • Engineer (civil, mechanical, aerospace, and more)
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Software developer (computer science)
  • Social worker
  • Attorney

Life Skills Videos Topics

  • First jobs
  • Financial literacy
  • Health & fitness
  • Job preparation
  • Leadership
  • Networking
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Soft skills 

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If you need assistance logging in, contact a TRIO staff member.

Pear Deck Tutor

Pear Deck Tutor is a 24/7 1:1 online tutoring platform for a multitude of subjects paid by the TRIO SSS Program for active TRIO SSS students. An active TRIO SSS student can access 2 hours of FREE tutoring per week (Monday 12:00AM- Sunday 11:59pm) paid for by the program. If additional time is needed, student can contact TRIO SSS Director to make that request. 

Highlights of the platform:

Top-Notch Tutors

Pear Deck tutors has a thriving community of tutors includes thousands of certified teachers, professionals, advanced-degree holders, and other subject matter experts – all of whom have been thoroughly vetted by the Pear Deck Tutor team. Continuous evaluation of tutors also occurs via student feedback and revision of tutoring sessions.

Personalized Learning Support

Pear Deck Tutor award-winning Lesson Space (virtual classroom) which replicates all the best parts of in-person learning: audio/video and text-based chat interaction, dynamic whiteboard, text editor, Google Doc(s) upload, screen sharing, and much!

Paper and Essay Review

Pear Deck Tutor also has access to paper and essay review services through the Pear Deck Tutor Writing Lab. Pear Deck Tutor’s community of writing tutors delivers prompt, detailed feedback on submissions within 12 hours (or less), helping students’ polish papers and hone in their writing skills for future assignments. 

Logo of TRIO SSS online tutoring platform, Pear Deck Tutor.
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If you need assistance logging in, contact a TRIO staff member.

CliftonStrengths for Students

Over 22 million people have taken CliftonStrengths for Students (formerly StrengthsQuest). This assessment measures 34 research-validated talent themes (organized into 4 themes*) and then guides the development of those talents into strengths with resources tailored for students. 

Through CliftonStrengths learn more about what makes you uniquely you! To take the assessment you will need an access code. Ask your TRIO Advisor for a code! Additionally, please note – you will need 45 – 60 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete this assessment. 

Strengths of TRIO SSS Team

Astrid Includer Relator Achiever Connectedness Positivity 
Elizabeth (Liz) Learner Includer Arranger Developer Restorative
Jasmine Connectedness Individualization Deliberative Ideation  Empathy
Veronica Deliberative Developer Relator Connectedness Achiever
Taylor Woo Positivity Individualization Ideation Communication

picture advertising CliftonStrenghts
  • Executing
  • Influencing 
  • Relationship building
  • Strategic thinking 

If you need help, contact a TRIO staff member.


The Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) is 60-item assessment designed to gather information on learning, study practices, and attitudes. The focus is on both covert and overt thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that relate to successful learning.

LASSI assessment measures

  • Anxiety
  • Attitude
  • Concentration
  • Information Processing
  • Motivation
  • Selecting Main Ideas
  • Self Testing
  • Testing Strategies
  • Time Management
  • Using Academic Resources

Then, through the platform’s educational interventions (prescriptions), learn strategies and skills you can use to modify and expand your current set of learning strategies. 

Ask your TRIO advisor today about how to get started! 

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If you need any help, contact a TRIO staff member.

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