Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support model developed for historically difficult courses (>30% D/F/W). This model uses weekly, peer-led group study sessions to improve student retention and success. SI is not a remedial program (targets at-risk courses, not at-risk students) and is open to all students on a voluntary basis, free of charge. SI sessions bring students together in a collaborative learning environment where they are able to improve their understanding of course material, review and discuss important concepts, develop effective study strategies and prepare for exams. Studies show that students of all academic and learning abilities benefit from participating in SI sessions and earn an average of one half to a full grade higher in the targeted course than those students who do not participate. 

The STEM Center offers SI for a variety of math, science, and engineering courses. These sessions are updated every quarter.

Who is a SI Leader?

An SI leader is a student who has demonstrated mastery in the course (or comparable course) and has been recommended by an instructor to support students in the instructor’s future class/classes by leading regular, out-of-class group sessions. SI leaders complete training in specific topics in order to effectively facilitate SI sessions; the SI leader prepares activities to help students learn skills to maximize their potential for academic success. The SI leader is supported by the instructor and the STEM Center Coordinator.

What does a typical SI session look like?

SI sessions are regularly scheduled, out-of-class review sessions for all students enrolled in a targeted course. The sessions are informal group seminars in which students review notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and prepare for examinations. Students also learn how to integrate course content with reasoning and study skills. 

How are SI schedules created?

During the first week of classes, SI leaders provide surveys to each class and determine SI sessions times based on student availability.  These sessions are subject to change (sessions cancelled/added) due to the SI Leader’s schedule, holidays, and extra review days (if needed). To find more information regarding a specific SI class please refer to the SI Schedule (below) or check with the STEM Center Front Desk Clerk. 

Where are SI sessions held?

SI sessions are held in the STEM Center (unless otherwise posted). 

Where can I find the SI Schedules?

The SI schedules are below, but if you’re not online you can obtain SI information from the STEM Center Front Desk Clerk, from the STEM Center monitors, or from the SI advertisements posted on the walls of the 1200 building.

Current SI Sessions

We currently have no Supplemental Instruction available.

If you have any remaining questions regarding SI or the SI schedule, please contact Dori Miller.

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