Sociology Associate in Arts and Science Transfer Option

Since programs differ at each college, students who intend to transfer should consider program outlines in the catalog of the college or university which they plan to attend.  The following recommended courses will prepare students for most four-year colleges.  Students should prepare their quarterly schedules with the assistance of an advisor knowledgeable in this transfer area.

Recommended Pre-Major Courses

Course Description Credits
ANTH& 100

Survey of Anthropology

PSYC& 100 General Psychology    5
PSYC 205 Introduction to Social Psychology    5
SOC& 101 Intro to Sociology    5
SOC& 201 Social Problems    5
SOC 220 Marriage and the Family    5

Recommended General Education Courses

Course Description Credits
CJ& 101 Intro Criminal Justice     5
ECON 200 Introduction to Economics     5
HIST& 118 Wester Civilization III     5
HIST& 136 US History I     5
HIST& 137 US History II     5
POLS& 202 American Government     5
POLS& 203 International Relations     5
POLS 206 The Middle East     5
REL 201 World Religion     5
REL 211 Religion in America     5
SOC 273 Introduction to Social Welfare     5
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