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Our Program Mission

At Big Bend Community College we strive for excellence. Big Bend Community College provides an environment that promotes educational mobility, personal growth and fosters a desire for lifelong learning. We are dedicated to ensuring that our students have the proper educational foundation and critical skills sets necessary for success as entry-level medical assistants. Our instructors strive to provide students with the most up to date, evidenced-based curriculum. It is our goal to strengthen comprehension, and critical thinking skills, as a means to ensure that each graduate possesses the tools needed to provide safe, competent care and make sound clinical judgments. Big Bend Community College MA program adheres to the regulations set forth pursuant to the revised code of Washington: Chapter 18.360 RCW as well as the Washington Administrative Code: Chapter 246-827 WAC. Graduates of the Big Bend Community College Medical Assistant program are eligible for certification through American Medical Technologists (AMT). AMT is accredited by the National Commissions for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Graduates certified through AMT are then eligible for licensure through the Washington State Department of Health.

For further information regarding AMT and Washington state law, please view the following websites:

American Medical Technologists

Department Of Health

Is Medical Assisting the Right Profession for You?

Are you looking for a challenging, and rewarding career that prepares you to work on the front lines of patient care? Can you see yourself working effectively alongside physicians, nurses and multiple other healthcare professionals? If so, then Big Bend Community College Medical Assisting Program may be for you. As a medical assistant you will become a valuable member of the healthcare team and have a career that you can continuously grow in and be proud of. Medical Assistants are multi-skilled health professionals specifically educated to work in ambulatory settings performing administrative and clinical duties. If this descriptions aligns with your career goals, contact us and let us help you get on the road to an exciting new career. We look forward to having you become another Big Bend Community College Success!

Requirements to Complete the M.A. Program

In addition to successful completion of required classes, students enrolled in the medical assisting program need to be aware that the following physical and behavioral characteristics are expected by employers. Students are also expected to adhere the same criteria during class as well as clinical/lab instruction times.

  • Demonstrate good body mechanics; lift/carry a minimum of 25 pounds independently and 50 pounds with assistance.
  • Demonstrate correct body mechanics with one and two person transfers. Have normal/corrected vision and hearing
  • Demonstrate ability to tolerate intermittent sitting, long periods of standing and walking, and occasional stooping and bending. Full range of motion is required.
  • Demonstrate good manual dexterity.
  • Demonstrate basic keyboarding skills and knowledge of basic computer applications. Demonstrate ability to differentiate odors and colors in the clinical setting.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills. Student must be able to read, write, and communicate verbally in English proficiently, in person and on the phone. Proficiency must be equivalent to competency level of ENG 101.
  • Demonstrate emotional stability and maturity at all times.
  • Demonstrate ability to work effectively in high-paced, rapidly changing and stressful environments.
  • Demonstrates ability to adapt and effectively cope within an ever changing, high paced, stressful and often emotionally charged environments
  • Demonstrate the ability to consistently deliver safe, competent, and culturally sensitive care across the age spectrum.
  • Demonstrates ability to follow directions and be receptive to correction form an authority figure.
  • Demonstrate genuine concern for the well-being and patients and healthcare team.
  • Demonstrates ability to effectively communicate and engage positively with patients, healthcare team members, fellow students, program instructors and staff.
  • Submit to Drug Screening and Criminal Background Check per clinical facility requirements.

Medical Assistant Contact

Medical Assistant Faculty/Staff

Heidi Bratsch

Wiester, Heidi

Health Education Program Assistant
(509) 793-2137
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Pray, Elizabeth

Medical Assistant Associate Faculty
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Philen, Stephanie

Medical Assistant Associate Faculty
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