Manufacturing and Process Technology

Mechatronics, Maintenance and Automation 
Mission Critical Operations

What is “mechatronics” you ask.  It’s the study and practice of integrating traditional tools and equipment with modern technology into a single system.  This may include working with robotics, communications (wired and wireless), electronics, motors, pumps, electricity, pneumatic equipment, hydraulics, and CNC equipment.  

Manufacturing and Process Technology provides students the ability to specialize their training to work in a variety of industry settings in our area including manufacturing facilities, data centers, food or chemical processing plants, and other businesses with need for regular facility or equipment maintenance.

Degree and Certificates

Students may pursue a Certificate of Achievement, which includes a core of mechatronics, as well as an Associate of Applied Science -Tranfer degree (AAS-T) in Manufacturing & Process Technology. The Certificate provides students industry recommended skills and knowledge for entry-level positions at a number of local facilities, plants and businesses. The Associate of Applied Science degree builds on the Certificate, allowing students to earn an industry-backed credential while they focus their second year in an area of their choice.

Manufacturing/Maintenance Emphasis

The world of manufacturing is ever changing given industry’s push to develop new technology and processes to more efficiently accomplish their work.  BBCC places great emphasis providing students a broad range of traditional and modern skills needed to enter the manufacturing and automation workforce.  Aside to fundamental skills of communication and math,  courses provide hands-on training in the areas:

  • Electronics – what they do, how they communicate, troubleshooting and tinkering 
  • Electricity – basic knowledge of AC and DC current, using a multimeter, and circuits
  • Programming – setting up system commands for logic controllers that run motors and/or robotics
  • Maintenance – HVAC training, fluid and hydraulics, pneumatics and industrial boiler maintenance
  • Machining – lathe, mills and fabrication equipment develop knowledge and skills to make or repair items
  • Welding – introduction to welding processes including MIG, ARC and TIG

Advising Map – Manufacturing/Maintenance Emphasis

Mission Critical Operations Emphasis

Mission Critical Operations is a growing career that involves having a broad range of technical skills to effectively manage facility, business, and critical infrastructure operations.  Quincy, WA is the location of datacenters operated by H5, Microsoft, NTT DATA, Sabey Data Centers, Vantage Data Centers, Verizon, and several other companies.  All of them are growing.  Virtually every manufacturing, production, and industrial organization utilizes these skills locally and all around the world
Mission Critical Operators ensure that the electrical, cooling, safety , security, water, communication, gas, transport, and building systems and automation all work together to prevent catastrophic or costly failures.  This requires the constant monitoring and automation of those systems and  may involve directly performing or coordinating the repairs.  Aside from fundamental skills of teamwork, communication, and other technical mastery,  courses may also provide hands-on training in the areas:
  • Electronics – what they do, how they communicate, and troubleshooting
  • Electricity – basic knowledge of AC and DC current, using a multimeter, and circuits
  • Programming – setting up system commands for facility systems (HVAC, PLCs, security, etc.)
  • Maintenance – HVAC training, industrial boiler maintenance, and industrial safety
  • Management – supervision, project management, logistics and customer service
  • Automation – as it relates to monitoring, reporting, and the management of all above

Advising Map – Mission Critical Operations Emphasis

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