Industrial Electrical Technology

Electrical and control system technologies are increasingly sophisticated and complex. Electrical/Electronic technologies have changed the fabric of our existence.  We are truly living the electronic age.   New innovations seem to be routine, daily occurrences.  Today’s competitive business climate pushes Industry to grasp new technology to maintain tighter control of their processes, knowing…  better control – better bottom line!

Today’s industrial electrician is a multi-faceted technician.  Modern industrial plants require technician level individuals who, maintain, calibrate, repair, troubleshoot,  and wish to grow with new innovation.

The Industrial Electrical Technology program provides comprehensive two-year curriculum designed to prepare students for career opportunities as industrial electrical technicians. Students receive instruction in safety, electrical and electronic theory, process control, instrumentation, and Programmable Logic Controllers.

Our mission is to prepare students for entry in the world of industrial electricity, with a thorough understanding of electrical safety, and safe practices.  We wish to instill the enthusiasm to learn, think, and grow…    now and into the future!

Favorable Opportunities, now and into the foreseeable future, make Industrial Electricity an interesting, outstanding career choice.

Big Bend Community College offers several industry related programs and training options.   Feel free to contact our Career counselors or program instructors for more information.

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